Mini Library Happiness

It is a project that done by Briged Sukarelawan Khidmat Negara (BSKN).
The mini library benefited Orang Asli from Kampung Kuala Boh and other’s village that near with them, especially children.


Community Development


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To help mini library Kampung Kuala Boh, Cameron Highlands. The mini library facing some problems like lack of book and book rack, and tables and chairs for child.

To help society of Orang Asli especially children can have a better facilities for their education and make sure they have a better environment for learning and reading.

We will make the mini library sustain by collaborate with Briged Sukarelawan Khidmat Negara (BSKN) under National Service Department with the publication with local press.


We will get more new and quality books for the kids. Apart of that, some of the furniture need to be change due to misty of the highlands. And we will purchase the book rack and a new carpet for those kids have a better environment to go after school. 

Target Beneficiary


Aboriginal from Kampung Kuala Boh and nearer village.


They need help from us.

Size and measurement

100 kids as in Kampung Kuala Boh and the nearest aboriginal village.


To help all the resident and kids from Kampung Kuala Boh meet their needs especially in education.

To replace those spoiled ceiling and fan is to make sure those kids can study in a comfortable environment.

To increase the number of books in the library.

How is it measured?

Some tuition classes having in the mini library now after our second renovation by 3 years ago.



BSKN Briged Sukarelawan Khidmat Negara is form by alumni PLKN.

Type of Supporter
Short bio

All the residents from Kampung Kuala Boh.
BSKN will provide volunteers.

How they help

They will guide us about what they need.

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 3001 to RM 10000

Describe Needs

Buy new books, book rack, carpets, and some furniture.

Project Quotation

Describe the tangible items or help needed for the project to succeed

Short Term

Describe the tangible items or help needed for the project to succeed

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Chromatin Yasir 5 Dec 2017
Licorne Mai 5 Dec 2017
lalanie 9 Dec 2017
Hairi Abdul Ghani 14 Dec 2017
Sofia Malik 14 Dec 2017
Arifah Izzati 16 Dec 2017
Aina125 19 Dec 2017
mnazrin 22 Dec 2017
Irsyad Zaini 28 Dec 2017
Viviantie Sarjuni 2 Jan 2018
Luqman Mohd Hata 3 Jan 2018
Hazel Hassan Hisham 3 Jan 2018
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