We are a catalyst for youth volunteerism by producing great volunteering activities that are engaging and enlightening. We believe that in order for us to build a stronger community, we should be united in our commitment to help everyone be the best version of themselves.

Why we support Actyvate

iM4U encourages pro-active volunteerism as a means to impact community in a positive way. ACTYVATE is a platform that encourages and inspires youths to play an active role in transforming the nation through the crowd-pledging platform: they can support the ideas that they believe in, finance the initiatives and track the progress until fruition. This innovative approach is the way forward for the public to make a difference in our current eco-system.


How we support Actyvate

We work closely with our fellow project leader, stakeholders and the team of Actyvators to foster the growth of the platform. Through our network, programmes and youth community, we offer access to multiple platforms, communities to encourage knowledge sharing, mentorship and volunteer support.