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Jomaat is a free to use car-sharing app that aims to ease Kuala Lumpur's traffic problem when Friday comes.


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Every Friday, more than 3 million Muslim men visit the mosque for Friday Prayers in Klang Valley. More than half would drive their cars to and from causing traffic congestions. With limited parking spots, many a times illegal parking takes place obstructing and causing inconvenience to other road users.


Introducing Jomaat, a free to use mobile app solution to encourage carpooling during Friday Prayers.
As a rider, you simple choose an available ride from the map view and book a seat with the driver to get a ride for free! No payment is needed.

As a driver, you are able to dictate your mosque destination and create a ride for riders to find and book a seat with you. Every trip completed will earn you points that can be redeemed with participating corporate sponsors.

Target Beneficiary


Local community affected by the high number of cars on the road during Friday Prayers.


Encouraging carpooling not only helps reduce carbon emission in Klang Valley, it also eases traffic during the period of time.

Size and measurement

Klang Valley


Reduce the number of cars during Friday prayers in Klang Valley and to promote a more inclusive society and encourage camaraderie.

How is it measured?

Riders will be compensated with a point system where they can redeem vouchers with participating corporate sponsors. The attainable points are based on the number of riders the driver pick up and distance of destination.

Hotbox Society


We are a group of young entrepreneurs out to solve social problems faced by the everyday Malaysians using innovative technology.

Type of Supporter
Short bio

Malaya Co. is a local brand that produces everyday essential targeted at the urbanite of today.

How they help

They have pledge to sponsor 500 gift watches that can be redeemed by drivers after cumulating points.

Type of help needed

Validation (awareness)
In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

Above RM 10000

Describe Needs

We require funds to put together a development team to come up with the following;

1) iOs / Android Mobile App
2) Backend Dashboard
3) Product Website

Project Quotation

Total cost of phase
RM 32500.00
1 x full time to run partnership agreements.
"Develop team to execute technology behind idea. We require the following to be completed;

1) iOS app
2) Android App
3) Website
4) Backend Dashboard"
2 x App developer
1 x Web developer
Total cost of phase
RM 13500.00
Purchase ad buys and social media influence.
Conduct beta testing with close community around specific area.
Social media content video.
Partnership with corporations to sign up to program and commit rewards as part of CSR.

Short Term

Complete development of both iOS and Android app together with Website and backend system. to complete beta testing by January 2018

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