Youth Personal Transformation Program
Ong Shu Yi

Youth Personal Transformation program is a program to help high school students to discover the strengths within them. Incorporating effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, the program is designed to tremendously increase student confidence level and to develop the right mind set for them to achieve success in their academic years.


Youth Development


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Throughout my years from high school to university, I have seen many top students thriving consistently in their results. At the same time, I have also seen students who performed badly in each and every test they took. Also, I have seen students who are willing to step up their games and take up leadership roles in their respective field, compared to those who did not take initiative. This makes me wonder, what is the main factor separating the students who are successful compared to those who are not? What are the things that successful students did differently that allows them to be at the top?

As a former student, I have gone through ups and downs in my study life. Here are the main problems that I have found in students nowadays that are hindering their growth and preventing them to grow in life.

1. Students do not have a clear goal on what they want in life, which demotivates them from working hard for their studies.

2. Students have low confidence level when they are required to step up.

3. Students tend to have this two killer for success, which is fear and procrastination.

4. Students do not know themselves well enough to leverage on their strengths to achieve their goals.


Youth Personal Transformation Program is a program that emphasizes on personal mastery. This program is carried out by incorporating powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and also highly experiential activity to help students in discovering the strengths within them.

Youth Personal Transformation Program aims to bring up confidence in students and prepare them to take up more leadership roles in the future. Here are a few takeaways from this program.

- Learn the most powerful formula every successful students use to achieve outstanding results.

- Effective and well-defined formula to set your goals and a detailed action plan to realize them.

- Develop unstoppable confidence to achieve your goals. (Using NLP Techniques)

- Learn how to break fears and overcome procrastination.

- Learn effective communication skills and eliminate any challenges that come along the way.

- Discover and unleash the strength in you.

Target Beneficiary


High school students aged between 16-17.


For high school students, no matter where they are at any stages of life, we believe that it is never too late to start. We want to equip them with the right mind set and also the skill sets to help them thrive and achieve results during their academic years in school. This program is also designed to prepare them for the next level of education by providing leadership and communication training.

Size and measurement

For year 2018, we aim to conduct training across at least 10 high schools in Malaysia.


We provide hands on, highly experiential training experience for students to develop confidence, break fear and introducing formulas adopted by the most successful leaders in the world to achieve results.

How is it measured?

The measure will be based from the participants, which include surveys and feedback forms. Another way to determine the success rate of this is to identify the percentage of participants who got clear on what they want and how they can utilize the techniques learned in their daily lives.

Ong Shu Yi


My name is Ong Shu Yi, the lead trainer for Gen Z in Thriving Talents. I have deep passion in developing young people to become the future leader. Also, being a Certified NLP Practitioner, I have learnt about the power of using the subconscious mind, and how we can reprogram our mind to achieve the results we want. This is a whole new training style that I would love to introduce to the young generation, allowing them to unlock their fullest potential.

I was once an outstanding student and also a high achiever in sports. I have represented my state, Kuala Lumpur in badminton back in the year 2011 and won several national titles. This is why I would love to share my journey as a top student in academics and sports to becoming an NLP coach so that I will be able to help them in becoming the best version of themselves.

I believe that the biggest advantage that I have is age. Because I am young, I am able to connect with the students better, and also to relate my experience to them even better. This has enables me to help students with different passions and goals without resistance throughout the year.

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Michael Teoh, the Founding Director & Lead Consultant of Thriving Talents

A talent development solutions company focusing on assisting companies to Attract, Retain and Grow the largest population of the global workforce - The Millennials. Since 2012, he has worked with many Fortune 500 companies across 38 countries, in the fields of Investment Banking, I.T., Manufacturing, Services, Retailing and Governments. He is the Global Advisor for Microsoft and SAP on ‘Millennials (Gen-Y & Gen-Z) Development’ strategies and is a Special Advisor to the President of the World Youth Parliament based in Geneva, Switzerland.

He had also shared the stage, speaking and motivating thousands of people globally, together with Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group and Mr. Tony Fernandes of Air Asia. In 2014, President Barack Obama made a guest visit to one of a coaching session organised by Microsoft Malaysia to address the youths across the world and in Malaysia, with Michael the coach. He was also awarded the most prestigious award as a ‘Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ besting 45,000 people from 168 countries in 2011 during the Your Big Year global competition, organised in the United Kingdom.

He was also featured on CNN and BBC World News globally for his achievements and contributions to the youths. In 2012, he was recognized as Malaysia’s Most Enterprising Youth. In 2013, he was recognized as Malaysia's National Youth Icon for his efforts in 'Nation-Building & Youth Development' by the Prime Minister alongside World's No.1 Badminton Player, Dato' Lee Chong Wei and World's No.1 Squash Player, Dato' Nicole David. In January 2015, he has been inducted into the ‘International Eminent Young Persons Council’ in Switzerland.

How they help

Being Malaysia's National Youth Icon, Michael is able to influence young people to get serious to set their goals and to motivate them to enrich themselves with the exposure and knowledge for them to gain employment, launch their own businesses or even just being responsible to contribute towards nation-building.

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Project Cost

RM 3001 to RM 10000

Describe Needs

We will be using the funds to create values in:

  1. Creating a personal transformation online course to allow students to learn offline and track their progress.
  2. For printing of training materials and kits to allow students to remember effectively.
  3. To provide allowances for volunteer coaches to help the process.
  4. To create training workshops utilizing powerful, hands on techniques from the most successful people over the world.
  5. To provide allowance for logistic, which includes transportation and bookings of venues.
  6. Food and beverages for participants.


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Describe the tangible items or help needed for the project to succeed

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I strongly believe this is a great program to help high school student kick start their potential to focus on what they want to achieve in life with no fear. Looking forward to the project execution. Would recommend you to vote too once you read the full idea of this project.
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