We connect project ideas to the communities that are willing to fund them

We’re a crowd-pledging platform developed for youth to propose creative projects, garner support and raise resources including volunteers, materials, pro-bono support and funds.

Why Use Actyvate?

Everyone is Welcome

Actyvate is dedicated to the youth from all walks of life to create innovative projects that would benefit the society and communities.

Extra Funding

We match funds up to RM50,000 on top of crowd funding to ensure your project makes it impact.

We Cover All Areas

Our project areas are not limited to ensure delivery of high social impact across many different fields and areas.

We are supported by champions
that want to make a difference

Our Actyvators immerse themselves within our platform to work alongside the Crowd to make a real impact in
communities across Malaysia. The breadth and depth of their expertise help our Dreamers achieve their goals.

Introducing our Actyvators

Recipient of the National Youth Figure and Premier Gold Award for Youth. Has pulled off different kinds of trainings involving private and government organizations in order to accomplish noble intentions and objectives, that is for the betterment of society and country
Known for Spreading messages of ‘Positivity’ and on equipping the millennials with strategies to become effective leaders in their lives, through his writings as a Columnist with the New Straits Times (NST), a Radio D.J. with IM4U.fm, and occasionally as a Television Personality
Actively involved with a myriad of NGOs, as well as co-founded ogranisations herself; Ju Ariana is fundamental to forming the volunteering landscape in Malaysia. Also a budding entrepreneur, she takes her own initiatives to conduct and joined in humanitarian and volunteering efforts in
international levels
Consults organisations in setting up a digital-first, entrepreneurial sandbox promoting the "Think Big, Start Small, Move Fas" methodology. As a first follower leader, he encourages co-leadership, collaboration and commmunity development
Co-Founder of The Incitement Movement that aims at promoting volunteerism and social impact amongst youths. He is also highly active in giving motivational talks and seminars addressing social entrepreneurship, young professionals, and university communities worldwide
Founder and Group CEO of EPIC Collective, a multi-award winning social enterprise with a vision to create a cooperative world with ‘response-able’ people driven by a heart of service
Awarded Best Entrepreneurship Mentor by Ministry of Higher Education for her work with KOSISWA, a social enterprise by UMT that instills innovation and entrepreneurship in students by helping them make additional income through creating
business opportunities
As Asia’s regional representative of the Lions Club International’s youth program, Potter works with other regional leaders to engage youth in community service. He also sits on the Iskandar Malaysia Youth Council and serves as the region’s Youth Coordinator for the Royal Commonwealth Society
He is a final year dental student and President of Pertubuhan Smile Malaysia. Which aims to increase accessibility of healthcare through disruptive innovation. He believes that for innovation to occur youth should be exposed to the problems on the ground as innovation starts at the root of the problem.
The creme de la creme of National Service Volunteer Brigade (BSKN) Ambassador, Cecilia is a true leader when it comes to voluntary work and dealing with disaster recovery. She believes in walking the talk and leading by example. She still continues her volunteer working an effort to make the country better by applying the values of unity, volunteerism and patriotism
Being involved in both private and public sectors as well as civil society, Zaim is passionate to develop the next generation of Malaysian leaders. He currently runs leadership development initiatives to expose, educate and empower the youth community
Board Member and Director of Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS), an organization that trains and puts forth student volunteer leaders on both the national and international level, successfully completing more than 28 volunteering missions globally