Youth artist like dancer, artist, calligrapher need a platform to show more about them to the public and create the awareness about Malaysia art.Art and culture to make us more unique in the country.



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We realized that lack of platform that Malaysia youth art people that can show more about them.


We would like to propose that an annual art fiesta week for them to have more chances to show themselves, and create the awareness of art. We need more people involve in art development in Malaysia

Target Beneficiary


Youth Art People (Dancer, Artist and etc)


With a platform that they can show their talent, they will have a better career pathway on art. They can become Youth Entrepreneur of Art.

Size and measurement

Targeted we can help 20 Art people yearly.


  • To promote Malaysia Art to tourist.
  • To ensure that youth that interested in art have a better way to promote themselves.
  • To provide a good platform for the young art people.

How is it measured?

Each of the art people that we choose to participate for Art fiesta have to update us in future. And we will ask them for sharing session, how the platform could really help them.



Recently appointed as the National Service Volunteer Brigade (BSKN) Ambassador, Cecilia holds the record for the highest number of volunteer credit hours – almost 2,000 hours - in BSKN among its 800,000 members. She is passionate and helpful;  a real leader in voluntary work having lead numerous volunteer programs in Malaysia. 

One of her key achievements was when she served as the only volunteer coordinator who worked with the army, navy and air force, continuously for 21 days during the 2015 East Coast flood emergency relief. She coordinated and  led a total of 2,100 BSKN and PLKN trainees at the TUDM Subang base to assist with the humanitarian aid work. In addition, Cecilia was also the only volunteer coordinator for members of the public to work with the army. Another of her roles was as translator when China sent in relief supplies.

Cecilia is also extremely proud of the Mini Library project at Kampung Kuala Boh at Cameron Highlands, achieved with sponsorship from the Khind Starfish Foundation and support from Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara (JLKN) and Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor (PPAS). The project took 6 months to complete, with Cecilia and her volunteers travelling to Cameron Highlands every weekend during that time. Cecilia and the team were extremely happy to be able to fulfil the dream of the children in the aboriginal village. 

At the same time, Cecilia also participates actively in arts and cultural activities. She volunteers to teach cultural dance at a few villages and schools having learnt dance for 11 years. She can perform Malay Cultural Dance, Bollywood style, Chinese Cultural Dance and contemporary dance.  She is also trained to be backstage crew and operator in the theatre and has successfully planned and executed around 50-60 art performance projects in Malaysia. 

Type of Supporter
Short bio


Briged Sukarelawan Khidmat Negara

How they help

Help to promote for those youth art people.
Provide volunteer and helping in execute the art fiesta.

Type of help needed

In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

Above RM 10000

Describe Needs

We need funds to running the whole art fiesta, and kind contribution from art organisation as in they can recommended some new young art people to us. And support them together with us.

Project Quotation

Describe the tangible items or help needed for the project to succeed

Short Term

Describe the tangible items or help needed for the project to succeed

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