Career Clinic
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A career clinic to improve graduate employability for the 55,000 unemployed university graduates (unable to find employment 6 months upon graduation). Clinic will focus on professional development.


Economic Access & Poverty Alleviation


Target :
RM 10000.00
54 days to go




Malaysia's youth unemployment rate is triple of the national unemployment rate, recorded at 10.7%. Out of the 510,000 unemployed Malaysians, more than 200,000 are young Malaysians below 30 years old. Interestingly, university graduates are finding a harder time than non-graduates to find employment. 54,103 who completed their studies last year were unemployed six months after graduating, according to a survey by the Graduands Detection Survey System (SKPG). Many surveys point to skills mismatch, poor command of English and lack of experience as main contributors. If youth unemployment is not properly addressed, we risk becoming another Spain where half of its youth population are jobless. High youth unemployment has negative social and economic consequences.


Youth unemployment is a complex issue. It requires governments, businesses and NGOs to work together to invest in education and provide economic opportunities for youth. Apprenticeships, internships and training program are crucial to plug the skills gap. 

This career clinic doesn't believe it can solve youth unemployment. However, we believe we can play our role as a NGO to provide training for youth not in employment, education or training (NEET). The clinic will be a series of capacity-building workshops to upskill and upgrade a graduate's soft skills, exposure and mindset. 

The workshop will consist of the following:
1. Personal development ("Designing your life")
2. Career goal-setting ("Finding your dream job")
3. Being resourceful ("Natural networking")
4. Job-hunting tools ("Nailing resumes & cover letters")
5. Interview ("Selling your story")
6. Professional branding (LinkedIn workshop)

Target Beneficiary


200 unemployed university graduates (unable to find employment 6 months upon graduation) in Klang Valley.


Urban youth are at risk of poverty. Malaysia is a highly urbanised country with 76% of its population living in urban areas. Rising cost of living especially in urban areas could push many young unemployed graduates in urban areas into poverty. It has many negative implications including putting undue pressure on their families, increasing antisocial behaviour and higher government welfare spending. We need to give particular focus to urban youth and their needs. We believe a significant number of unemployed graduates actively seeking employment reside in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Thus, we aim to focus in this area to support them with career and professional development.

Size and measurement

We are looking to train a total of 200 unemployed graduates in a series of career clinics throughout Klang Valley. We will run clinics (taking 35 participants each clinic) for a 1-day weekend every month. We intend do it for 6 months (i.e. 6 clinics) covering major areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.


Our impact to ensure all 500 successful participants of the career clinic achieve employment within 6 months of completion of the clinic.

How is it measured?

Each participant will update us on their employment status (employed or unemployed) by the end of 6 months upon completing the career clinic. We will measure the impact on whether they have secured employment or not.

Nation Building School


A youth NGO with a vision to build the a generation of young civic leaders. We organise leadership programs to help youths in their personal, professional and civic development. As a youth development platform, our initiatives are focused on tackling youth unemployment from the 200,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia to the 71 million unemployed youth globally. Founded in 2015 as a non-profit organisation in Malaysia, NBS has engaged over 3,100 youth across Southeast Asia.

Type of Supporter
Short bio

TalentBase aims to create a sustainable ecosystem in which Students, Employees, University Faculties, Professionals and Employers interact, engage and grow with knowledge, skills and exposure to be better prepared when venturing into their careers. It promotes the expansion of minds with different perspectives of professions and their roles across industries.

How they help

TalentBase curates solutions by working in partnership with UNIVERSITIES, STUDENTS and INDUSTRY PARTNERS in delivering engaging talks, labs and incubators that are designed to encourage students and stakeholders to discover together. To encourage them to discover their inner potential and skills in their professional acumen and to empower students with self-esteem, confidence and find meaning in what they do in the present and future.

Type of help needed

Validation (awareness)
In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

RM 3001 to RM 10000

Describe Needs

We need support in the following:
1. Identifying the right people -- long-term unemployed youth who are actively seeking employed in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor
2. Sourcing for training venue -- suitable places with the right equipments across Klang Valley
3. Collaboration with industry players -- working closely with companies to help in securing employment


Project Quotation

1. Training venue/spaces
2. Equipments - projector, microphone, speakers
3. Catering for 200 persons (35 persons per career clinic)

Total cost of phase
RM 5000.00
RM500 - printing rollup bunting and banners
RM500 - training materials for first 3 clinic careers (i.e. printing, stationery, certificates)
RM3000 - first 3 training venue (RM1000 per venue)
RM1000 - catering for 100 persons (RM10 per person)
Total cost of phase
RM 5000.00
RM500 - printing rollup bunting and banners
RM500 - training materials for last 3 clinic careers (i.e. printing, stationery, certificates)
RM3000 - last 3 training venue (RM1000 per venue)
RM1000 - catering for 100 persons (RM10 per person)

Short Term

To secure employment for 200 unemployed young graduates.

Name Date
zayan 18 Nov 2017
Zayan Yassin 18 Nov 2017
Nadia Razak 18 Nov 2017
Marcus Lim 19 Nov 2017
Zaim Mohzani 19 Nov 2017
Dzulhilmy Bin Mohammad 19 Nov 2017
Irsyad Nazri 20 Nov 2017
Pyjamas Pajamassam 20 Nov 2017
Melissa Chin 20 Nov 2017
dhuralumin 20 Nov 2017
Afizah Othman 20 Nov 2017
HANIF 21 Nov 2017
Surekha Gunasagaran 22 Nov 2017
Norfadillah Jeyalaldeen 25 Nov 2017
Pixie Cigar 2 Dec 2017
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