Online Business Challenges is a MOVEMENT's signature entrepreneurship competition, open to all undergraduate students. The competition is a great opportunity for students to test their venture ideas with experienced entrepreneurs, meeting potential investors and raise funding.

The selected finalists and winners receive in-depth coaching and mentorship support from internal and external partners, including academics, successful entrepreneurs and peers on their own entrepreneurial journey.


Economic Access & Poverty Alleviation


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Unemployment is seen as a serious problem to Malaysian Government. This is due to unemployment among the graduate student in Malaysia. Every year many students graduated from institutions of higher learning either in public or private institutions. A lot of competition among the graduate student causing a high unemployment rate. The recent policy emphasis on employability rests on the assumption that the economic welfare of individuals and the competitive advantage of nations have come to depend on the knowledge, skills and enterprise of the workforce.


Universities play a functional role in promoting entrepreneurship education to develop regional and society economies, universities have a key role to play in promoting entrepreneurship since educational institutions are ideally considered the place in shaping entrepreneurial cultures and aspirations among students while they are studying to survive in today’s robust business milieu. Entrepreneurship in higher education in Malaysia was introduced by the Ministry of Education since 2010.



Target Beneficiary


Malaysian university students


Online Business Challenges is one of the ways to train the new start up to understand the process in doing business. Business challenges also immerses students in the life of an evolving business for which they develop a continuing stream of business advice based on the application of accounting principles and also emphasizing communication skills, alternative viewpoints, and the effect of assumptions on decisions, the simulation episodes demonstrate the usefulness and importance of accounting to business decision makers.

Size and measurement

1. Sales

2. Net income

3. Return of sales (ROS)


The parameter is divided into 3 main parts which is Sales, Net Income and Return of Sales (ROS).

How is it measured?

To access the effectiveness of the competition we have obtain each score of the variable and analysis the score based on the result made by the student. 



Establised in January 2016, Malaysia Voluntary Movement (MoVeMent) is a charity Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that works for community development, promotion of better opportunities, improving standards of living and provides assistance to social sector organization / NGOs for smooth implementation of their projects.

Ultimately, our aims to develop and empower communities socially and economically.

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How they help

The expose of this program helps student to thick a way creatively to solution a problem that is facing. Besides, it helps to enhance entrepreneurship skill among the students.

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 3000 and below

Describe Needs

Administration Matters:

  1. Registration.
  2. Certificates


  1. Program materials
  2. Food and beverages
  3. Transport
  4. Accommodation 

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Describe the tangible items or help needed for the project to succeed

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