WONDER: Woman Defender "Empowering Women, Preserve Dignity"
Shasha Mirza binti Mustafhakamal

WONDER is a community development programme with the aim to empower and educate women especially university students on how to defend themselves against being victims of harassment and crime. WONDER will be the start of future programmes  focusing on female youth development. 


Community Development


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On 1st November 2017, a case was reported where a university student was being raped in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. Following that, a similar incident had occurred  again at Seksyen 13 Shah Alam. Prior to these incidents, there have been more cases, and now they are on the rise. Several reports on social media claimed that attempts of stalking and groping occurred in Shah Alam area. Furthermore, the attempts of crime continues until now. This proves that criminals either from local or foreign nationalities are now brave enough to reveal their nasty acts. These criminals are targeting women as their prey. Fear and trauma are developing among women in Shah Alam, especially students as they feel that their surrounding is unsafe. Young women either staying, working or studying in Shah Alam lives in fear as they may be one of the victims any time and anywhere.


In order to tackle the issue, relying only on enforcement is not enough. Women need to have their own initiatives to protect themselves physically and mentally. This is the platform to develop the physical and mental necessities for them, to face the crisis. It encourages awareness among women on how to respond if they were caught in the middle of  any unfortunate circumstances.

The main content of the programme comprises of : 

1.  "Empowering Women, Preserve Dignity" talk and sharing session

A talk and sharing session on the topic of woman's safety and self-defense awareness by respective speakers.

2. 'Defense Against Crime' martial arts classes

A basic self-defense and martial art training guide by professional martial art trainer.

Target Beneficiary


The woman community staying, working or studying in Shah Alam.


There have been several latest crimes in Shah Alam  involving women and they are vulnerable in the danger of future crime. These women need to have the ability to defend themselves and gain confidence  on how to respond against the nasty criminals.

Size and measurement

Participants within the range of 50-150 women in Shah Alam.


The aspiration of WONDER is to provide the necessary need for women in Shah Alam with proper knowledge and skills to protect themselves when the time needs. The program also will give them self-confidence and develop a stronger women community. This program also aims to create positive contribution towards the society and an effort to reduce the crime rates in Malaysia.

How is it measured?

The measurement of the parameters is through the development of WONDER’s participants. The knowledge and skills acquired by the participants are not just for themselves. The participants can share all the benefits and inputs from the class and trainings to other ladies that they know. The success of the program is by developing a true Wonder Women inside each and every lady there are.

Besides that, a Whatsapp or Telegram group will be created as a medium for communication among WONDER participants. These participants also can later add their female family members, friends or even acquaintances, the group is a tool to strengthening the bond, a sharing medium and to spread the benefit of WONDER. 

Shasha Mirza binti Mustafhakamal


I am currently an Interpersonal Communication student of UiTM Shah Alam and renting in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. The reported cases really have a negative impact to me and most of my female colleagues. Fear and negative thoughts are surrounding us everyday. As a student and one of the current citizen in Shah Alam, I feel a deep feeling to help my fellow colleagues and also the citizens in Shah Alam. I hope that my effort can assist the women and scare off the criminals involved.

Type of help needed

Validation (awareness)
In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

Above RM 10000

Describe Needs

1. Volunteers (to help with managing the self-defense training programme and talk session)

2. Self-defense kit (pepper spray, personal hand alarm)

3. Food and Beverages for post training session (mineral water, bread/light snacks)

4. Volunteer Instructors and speakers. 

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Describe the tangible items or help needed for the project to succeed

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