Basic Mandarin Classes for Non-Mandarin Speaking Students

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New Era University College (NEUC), Kajang, is a community-funded and non-profit making institute of higher education. Its mission is to help students of all communities to acquire tertiary education.Recognising the economic importance of Mandarin, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of NEUC is conducting a project to provide free tuition classes in Mandarin to members of the public who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of the language. The Basic Mandarin course involves a total of 16 hours of tuition, comprising 2 hours of tuition per week over eight weeks.

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The Project

Project Owner





1. As NEUC is a non-profit making institution of higher learning to serve the needs of the less privileged classes, it does not have funds to set aside for from tuition classes.
2. To support the project, NEUC is looking for funds to compensate the instructors with basic honoraria, refreshments for all who register for the classes, to meet basic administrative costs, and other incidental costs.
3. There is a growing need to learn Mandarin by professionals and other nonMandarin speaking persons to help them to understand and to carry out simple conversions as part of their career requirement.
4. The growing importance of China as an economic power and rapidly growing number of tourists from China mean that there is an increasing demand for Mandarin classes. The purpose of this project is to meet a part of this demand.


1. The Department of Chinese Language and Literature of NEUC has designed Basic Mandarin classes that are open to all nonMandarin speakers.
2. The Department will engage the services of qualified Mandarin teachers to provide effective tuition to all learners.
3. The project will make use of facilities of NEUC so as to provide classrooms and other teaching facilities.

Target Beneficiary

The project will directly benefit professionals and staff in schools, banks, hospitals, government departments, industries, workers in the tourist, restaurant, travel and other services industries, and others. These groups will be able to learn Basic Mandarin at no cost to themselves. The community include school children, parents, teachers, and others will benefit from having free access to Mandarin lessons.

Impact Parameters

1. NEUC will be able to provide free tuition classes on Mandarin.
2. Tuition will be provided by qualified and experienced teachers in the teaching of Mandarin as a second language.
3. Professionals and all members of the public will have free access to the learning of Mandarin.
4. To improve the ability of NEUC to serve as a community-funded and as a non-profiting making institution of higher learning.

Project Endorsement


Tan Sri Lim Guan Teck: He is the President of the Nantah Education and Research Foundation which will provide some financial support to the project.
Members of the public who support and make donations to New Era University College.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 9875

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
Qualified Teaching Instructor 120161920
Transportation allowance608480
Laptop Computer350013500
Teaching materials508400
Total cost9875


1. Planning to start from September.
2 To encourage nonMandarin speakers to learn and be able to speak basic Mandarin to help them in your job or daily life.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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