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Community Development

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Blacklight Slide  is an incredible experience unlike any other. This night event, focused on UV Neon Glowing fun, brings you and your loved ones together for the best night of your lives! At the Blacklight Slide, you get the chance to go down slides filled with Neon Glow-in-the-Dark water, assuring you, your friends and family that you will all glow with happiness. At this insanely fun event is a celebration with the best music from the top DJs in the country. You’ll get to dance, play, and have the time of your life while giving back to society and supporting the National Kidney Foundation.

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The Project

Project Owner

Chia Wai Weng




Today, the standards of living are higher, and our lifestyles change dramatically. Dining out and eating excessively, coupled with lack of exercise and the extreme demands of most modern jobs have greatly altered, kidney diseases, especially end stage kidney failure are now on the rise at such a young age. The lack of this kind of unique events such as Blacklight Slide is needed to be filled up, by creating more energetic happening events to bring families and friends together to participate in activities that cater to a good cause in Kuala Lumpur.
Statistics of National Kidney Foundation patients in Malaysia:
41% – 40 to 59 yrs old, 50% – more than 60 yrs old
58% of kidney failure patients are diabetic
Patients endure 4 hours of dialysis treatment; every alternate day; for life
87% of the patients are unemployed
5,000 new cases recorded in Malaysia annually


Our mission with Blacklight Slide is to educate the public and encourage them to support and do charity in an unconventional fun way. Blacklight Slidetries to build enough awareness around the cause by catering to the young crowd of millennial and families by having them participate in fun and energetic activities to keep them moving and at the same time, raise enough awareness and funds.

Target Beneficiary

This event targets young teens and adults from the age 16 – 30. We strongly believe this is the prime suitable age for this event; as it is important to educate the millennial and young adults on the importance of charity and the epidemic of kidney disease in order to create a generation that is more socially aware and educated on health matters.

Impact Parameters

We are looking to cover Kuala Lumpur City in Malaysia, In terms of expected crowd, we are expecting 5600 Pax in KL from the age 16 – 30.

Project Endorsement


The National Kidney Foundation: They will come in as Official Charity Partner.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
Manpower 93787300
Laptop & Scanner93403700
Marketing Roadshows2000612000
Venue Rental15000115000
Event Structures28200128200 
Total cost75000


We aim to run our first Blacklight Slide event on the 29 & 30 December 2018. Through the funding and full support provided by Actyvate, we wish to reach out and impact as many members of the Malaysian community. We aim to execute this long-term event rightfully to give back to our beloved nation and educate the public to engage in more charitable and healthy lifestyle events and consequently execute this event in various regions in SEA. We appreciate every support and help received.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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