Is your Facebook page boring?

Facebook is the number 1 social media platform in the world, and Malaysians are one of the world’s most active users! (Feels nice to be world class for once, eh?)

So, even if you don’t want to manage one extra business asset, you have to when it comes to Facebook Pages. And worst, it cannot be just a set-and-forget page; it has to be one with lots of engagements, activities and content.

And not forgetting, managing the content can be a full-time job!

In today’s post/email, we thought we’ll help you with a few suggestions so you can become a more effective social media manager (on top of raising funds and building your brands and securing sponsors and working with partners and a million other things to make your project a wild success!)


#1. It doesn’t have to be your content all the time

Content creation can be taxing, which is why content curation could be a good option. Here’s where you post third-party content on your Facebook’s feed, but you have to be strategic, though. Be mindful of competitors’ content, or any that may jeopardize your objectives and brand. Here’s where you need to read the article a couple of times to make sure you got as many angles for the interpretation covered.

You’ll also come to realize that by curating content, you’re essentially sending your traffic to other’s website. While this is a nice gesture, it’ll be good if your traffic can still come back to you. That’s where tools like sniply, backly and poplink come in handy. These nifty tools create little pop-up boxes with a personal message from you, so that the readers will have a way to contact you, or at least be reminded where they came from. Check them out.


#2. But still, your content = your control

Yes, there’s no denying it: if it’s your own content, you get 100% control on it. You get to dictate the tone and theme, as well as the specific Call-To-Actions. Do note that some content types are easier to be produced, so pick one that has an ideal balance between productivity and effectiveness.

Easier content could be project updates from your team and bios of your team members, to harder ones like milestone reports and interviews. Know your priorities, and pick only contentthat your followers can relate to.


#3. Rotate between content types

Videos, images, poster quotes, articles, podcasts, infographics, quizzes, polls… the list goes on! Try to rotate it daily to have some form of variety to your Facebook page.

It’s good to also put a turnaround or production time for each of the types. Poster quotes, for example, are easier to create than an 800-word article, while videos may require a bigger team, compared to podcasts which can be recorded with just yourself.


#4. Content calendars

With the different content types, play around with setting a theme for each day. This is where your content calendar comes into handy, so you’ll know what’s coming up.

Plus, you can also leverage on the different holidays and special occasions to add that trending variety to your page. 12 days leading up to Christmas, or the 15 days of Lunar New Year, or even the 30 days of fasting month. Doing this will help you relate better to your fans and followers.


#5. Contact details and clear CTA

You know how sometimes people will say “Just Google their contact details?” Yes, Google is all powerful, but not all of your site visitors will have that thought, or even initiative to search for your contacts.

Which is why on your Facebook page, it’s crucial to leave your contact details or other channels for your fans to contact you. Personal numbers can be omitted, but at least make sure they are contact emails, phone numbers or even a website for more details.

Also, your Facebook page allows you to create a specific Call-To-Action, whether it’s to Learn More, Sign Up or Purchase. Make sure it’s linked to your Actyvate page for maximum effectiveness.


#6. Out of ideas?

We understand. There are days when you just don’t know what to publish.

That’s where tools like comes in handy. On top of allowing you to schedule your posts in advance (yup, so you don’t have to go to Facebook at 10 am every day just to post!), they also have this cool tool where you can create social media graphics, optimized for all the different platforms. And the best part is, they suggest anywhere between 5 to 200 over contents every day which you can use. And since it’s already ready-made, you just need to tweak the fonts and colors, slap on your logo, and it’s good to go!

Oh yeah, if you have other social media platforms that you’re posting to, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, you can use Promorepublic as a dashboard to manage all of them as well. That beats you having to individually go to each platform just to post a content!


#7. Handy tools to save you time and money

We’re covered a few tools so far, but we thought it’ll be good to share a couple more, so you can have more time to focus on important things like fundraising and marketing.

  1. Woobox – run contests and various user engagement activities on your page
  2. Canva & Stencil – similar to PromoRepublic, you can create social media visuals from there
  3. Buffer and Hootsuite – schedule your posts in advance, across different platforms
  4. Chatfuel, Manychat and Flow Xo – chatbots are useful to engage with your fans when they leave a message at your Facebook page, especially at odd times of the day when you or your team are not available to respond
  5. Facebook Analytics – nothing like getting solid feedback on what works and what doesn’t, so you can consolidate your effort. Plus, this also gives you more insights about your followers.

Looks like a lot you need to do for your Facebook page? Overwhelmed with all the tools out there and don’t know where to start? Start simple, and pick one to work on first. Passion and excitement are good, but they need to be strategic as well.

Oh yeah, do share with us your Facebook pages when you’re done! Who knows, we may mention yours in one our newsletters or social accounts.

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