How to produce social media posts that get your fans talking about?

Not sure about you, but we often have founders from Actyvate who would voice out their disappointments when their social media posts are not getting enough engagement. We usually give them a few advice to help put them on the right track, and if you, too, want to ensure the posts you create on your social media platforms are engaging, then read on!

In this email/post, we will look at a couple of fundamental mindsets you need to employ when creating or curating contents. It applies to human psychology, which is great because if you master these few factors, you will be able to leverage on them in other marketing materials too.


#1. Know that all social media platforms are not created equal.

The common mistake is to have the same content created and used across all the different platforms. The truth is, while the same user are on the different social media channel, they go there for very different reasons.

  • At Facebook, you can swing between casual and professional, because the group there are diverse.
  • At LinkedIn, you need to have a more professional tone.
  • At Instagram, you will need to be able to capture the essence of your message visually.

So angle your contents in a way that blends well with the expectations of your fans, regardless of which platform they are hanging out at. This way, your content will stand out because of it’s value (to them), and not stand out because it’s different (out-of-place would be more accurate) from the rest.


#2. It must connect with your audience.

Understand the demographics (who they are) and psychographics (what they do) of your social media users. Uncover their needs, their problems, their aspirations, and create contents that are linked to that. With all the variety of content floating their timeline and social media feeds, they will constantly be looking out for that piece that not only captures their attention, but also triggers something within them, willing them to click on it, consume the content, resonate with the message, and maybe even share it.


#3. It must be entertaining.

It’s in our nature enjoy entertainment. Since young, we love stories, and that love is ingrained in us even after we’ve reached adulthood. We would read novels, pay for movies, and look for experiences we can escape to, because we just don’t want to be bored.

So in your posts, you need to inject the entertainment factor in it. Now, entertainment is not always about fun, laughter and humor, though they make good approaches. You can also try the emotional route and try to stimulate feelings and responses from them through your pieces.

For example, tell a story of how your recent visit to the social causes went, or paint your audience a picture of the daily struggles experienced by children living in rural areas, far from infrastructure and opportunities. Tell the tales of triumph, of good versus evil, of rags to riches, of the underdogs who went the distance. Stories like that resonate well, sometimes faring better than those that are lively and filled with joy.


#4. It must be educational.

Your social media fans maybe more growth-centric and curious that you give them credit, so before you comment that they may not like “educational” pieces, think again. We are always looking for hacks, tricks, tips and tools to make our lives better, may it be a better way to do something, an app to save us tons of hassle, or recommendations to fix one of those nagging problems in our lives.

Because in step #2, you’d identified their problems and frustrations in their lives, produce contents that can help them in those areas. If your LinkedIn followers are busy executives, share with them useful apps for time management, or suggest tricks to cut down emails in their inbox, or even creative ways to avoid long, unproductive meetings!

If, however, your Facebook followers are health conscious, provide them suggestions on where to dine or buy chemical-free ingredients, what sporting activities they can get involved with over the weekend and more.

Regardless of your choice of what to educate them on, always find a way to mention your brand, and drive them to support your causes. While it’s good to provide great value, in the end, you need their support, which leads us to the last point…


#5. It must be effective.

You have to ask your readers to do something. It can be to share your content, leave a comment or even direct them to your Actyvate page! It doesn’t have to be a hard sell, which no one appreciates. Instead, do it subtly towards the end of your content, so that you provide good value first, build the trust, before you go in for the ask. If you ask honestly, you will be surprised how many of them are more than willing to help you.

So when you plan your next content piece – whether it’s a video, article, podcast or infographic – do keep these in mind. If you employ these tips well, you’ll notice that your content is getting more shares and engagement, which means your Actyvate page is getting more traffic and exposure!

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