Time to get your first 50 supporters

Ok, now that you’ve got your project page up, it’s time to rally support. As you know, for your Actvyate project to be accepted, you need to have your first 50 supporters, which is what we will be working on today.


#1. You May Want to Keep Close Friends & Families for Last

This may be an unusual recommendation, but hear us out.

If your family and close friends had been supportive of your initiatives in the past, whether or not it’s related to your Actyvate project, then by all means, secure their responses first. That’s because you have gained their trust and earned their respect in your capabilities, abilities, and vision.

However, if you had not been successful in getting their support in the past, then it may be a good idea to approach them later. You see, out of caring and not wanting you to fail, your friends and family members may not be as supportive of your project, and because they are the closest people in your lives, not getting their support can be a big blow to your motivation.

For that reason, approach other social circles and network, gain some traction first, and then when the time is right, or when they start being curious on what you’re working on, then talk to them about it. Do know that once you have the support of those closest to you, you will gain tremendous momentum in pushing forward.


#2. Identify At Least 9 Social Circles

You’ll want to get your team together for this activity.

First, take a piece of paper and start listing out all your social circles. Social circles are groups or communities you hang out with, so it can be:

  • Members of professional associations you’re in
  • Social media groups you are active in (that are related to your cause or social projects in general)
  • Coaches, mentors, teachers
  • Colleagues & work associates
  • Friends from associations and societies you’re part of
  • Religious groups
  • Friends from leisure activity groups (sports, recreation, etc)
  • College or university friends

Basically, identify all the different pockets of network groups you personally know. Now, it has to be people you know (and in your phone book), because they have to be one, or at max, two phone calls away.

Try to go for at least nine social groups in total (including from your team members), but don’t let the number stop you from going more.


#3. Expand On Each Social Circle

Now that you and your teammates have listed out the social circles, time to put the names associated to each of the groups. Don’t worry whether the person will support your project or not – just put their names on the list and let them decide if they want to support your movement when you talk to them.

You may also want to go through your contact lists on your phone, Facebook, LinkedIn or any social media you can think off. You’ll realize you have more contacts that you think, and it will definitely help to populate the list.

Once you’ve done this step right with your team, you should have quite a sizable list. The average person knows at least 100 people, so depending on the size of your team, just multiply that number.

The last step here is where you put them all in a nice Excel Sheet with all their contact details (phone and email), and you can start to prioritize on who you want to connect with first.


#4. Identify Relevant Groups

Step #2 and #3 are identifying supporters from within your network. In this step, you’re going to go further.

Depending on your causes, look outside your network for existing groups who may be able to lend you their support. This is the Occam‘s Razor, where if you connect with the right person from the group, you’ll have access to spread your message to their entire network.

Look for their founders and leaders, or at least the decision makers. Try to align your objectives to theirs, so that it doesn’t appear like they are just helping you, but rather, you are helping them achieve their vision.


#5. The Hustling Mindset

We deliberately don’t want to start with this, because you probably already know that raising funds and support for your Actyvate project is going to require you to hustle like crazy. Let’s just say this is a gentle reminder instead 🙂

Yes, having the hustling spirit means for the next few months, all you’re going to be talking about is your Actyvate project. Go to as many meetup and networking events that you possibly can. Eventbrite and Peatix are helpful directories of events around you, most of which are free. Heck, even if it’s not free, tap on your hustling spirit and find the most low-cost way of getting yourself on the invite list.

Look out for relevant community meetups or even crashing exhibition events. Take any opportunity for you to speak at events, because you’ll just never know who’s in the audience, and who they are connected too. Make clear what your vision is and what you have to offer, and you’ll start seeing the traction.

So there you have it, a couple of strategies to help you get your first 50 supporters. You probably think you can go beyond that figure now, and yes, don’t stop at that. Remember, you and your team are putting yourself out there to support causes close to your heart. You know that, your team knows that. Now’s the time to let everybody else know too.

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