Want to turn your social media pages from into a crazy frat party?

Ok, maybe not really an out-of-control one, but you get the idea…

If your social media pages are restaurants, you have to make them the most “happening” in town. If they are party joints, you have to be the one everyone is talking about.

Let’s face it: attention span is such a commodity these days, especially on social media. One moment you could be engaged with one thing, and before you know it, you’re lured by the “bright and shiny” attractions you happen to chance upon.

Want to know the truth? Your followers are just like you, too.

So in this ultra-busy world where distraction is at every corner, how do you ensure that your social media contents are engaging, fresh and getting the attention that they need?

Here are a few ideas to help spice up your social media pages.


#1. Exclusive Contents

Nothing tells your fan they are your #1 priority more than exclusive contents that they can’t get anywhere else. And before you say “Hey, if it’s already on Facebook, can’t they just share it with their network? Isn’t that no longer exclusive anymore?”

That may be true, but you’re forgetting how their network gets access to those contents in the first place. Yup, through your fans! Your fans will feel special because they get to be the first to spread the news, and if you take a step back, isn’t that what you wanted all along? Talk about killing two birds at one go, right?


#2. A Mix of the Senses

When it comes to social media pages, remember that people from diverse backgrounds and makeup will visit them. Some of them would like to watch videos, while others may enjoy a good read. Some would even indulge in podcast interviews, and the others marvel at infographics.


That means you have to mix up your content types. Have different themes everyday, inject emotions into your copywriting, and don’t just use your own content. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to leverage on other content you find online. The name of the game here is variety.


#3. Live Feeds

Some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have live feeds, and because the information is time sensitive, your followers will have to tune in “live” to access your contents.

Play around with different times of the day, and try to go for shorter sessions before you attempt the longer ones.


#4. Let’s Get Personal

Tell behind-the-scene stories of your Actyvate projects, and the “origin” stories of each team member. You can do it in a candid, casual interview style, or even ask spontaneous questions to your team and record their reaction.

When talking about your origin story, you can even bring family members into the mix. These will help showcase to your followers that you are as real as they are, and when they see you attempting to change the world through your projects, they will be more likely to rally behind you. We all want to support “brothers and sisters”, people we can personally relate too, and nothing is more familiar than the bond between family and friends.


#5. Catchy Titles

If you observe your own social media habits, you will realize you tend to click on titles that are structured in a certain way. For example:

  • This kid thought he’s going to get a crappy computer. But when he opened the box, you wouldn’t believe his reaction.
  • 7 Reasons why we Malaysians will not live as long as our parents
  • How to make sure every single dollar you are donating is put to good use
  • Real Case Study: Poor kid from kampung now world’s leading data scientist

While there are many copywriting tips we can give you when it comes to structuring your titles, here’s one tool that you can receive instant feedback on – Headline Analyzer by Co-Schedule. It’s free, and all you need to do in enter your title and it will output the score, breaking down areas you can improve as well. Nifty, eh?


#6. Contest & Giveaways

While everyone can possibly afford the prizes you will be offering in your contests, remember, it’s not about affordability here; it’s about how they obtain their rewards in the first place.

Which is why on a regular basis, try to put together some swag that you can use as exclusive rewards for the contests you will be running. It can be something as simple as “the last person to comment wins!”, to creativity-driven ones like “When I say school, you say…”

A powerful tool to check out when it comes to contest and various social media engagement tools is Woobox. Check out their examples to find one that suit your project.


#7. Don’t be afraid to show your personality

While most of the social media pages have a cold, exclusive, corporate feel to it, try to inject some human emotions and responses into your posts. Don’t be afraid to use slangs or common lingo, because these are amazing rapport-building methods.

You can even leverage on trending news items and if it’s tied to your cause, lay down your opinion on it. Your fans would appreciate that instead of shying away or being diplomatic, they know you are someone that would voice out for things you believe in.

Bet you have some ideas right now on how to turn on the party at your social media pages, eh? Let’s end this post here because we wouldn’t want to hold you back from taking action.

Ready? Go!

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