Bamboo Straw

We are aiming to reduce the usage of the disposable drinking straw that lead to serious plastic pollution in Malaysia by introducing alternative solution which is eco-friendly, the ultimate reusable bamboo straw. We empower the local indigenous and single mother by providing training and job opportunity to produce compostable bamboo straw set. We believe and sure that the level of awareness of the public will rise throughout this amazing journey.

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Perlis, Malaysia

The Project

Project Owner

Lum Ja Son




Research shows a total of 34 percent of indigenous households in Malaysia are poor and unemployment; The young single mother remains jobless when they can’t take their eyes away from their children/baby. Meanwhile, Malaysia was one of the ASEAN country that contribute to plastic pollution and marine debris.


We provide training and job opportunity for the local indigenous and single mother. The local indigenous will source the bamboo from the wild to make bamboo straw, while the single mothers will sew straw pouch from upcycled fabric. Also, we educate the public for not using disposable plastic straw which is not sustainable in a way while introducing bamboo straw which is reusable and compostable.

Target Beneficiary

Local Indigenous and single mother in Malaysia. We train and provide job opportunity to them which fits their skills and high working flexibility. Besides, it able to create awareness among the people about the critical environmental issues that face by the world currently and they need to take immediate action to sustain their future life.

Impact Parameters

We measure the impact by evaluating the levels of knowledge acquisition and retention through assessment and testing the level of awareness of the people before and after they learn about the issues by sending out feedback form.

Project Endorsement


We target the supporter from the millennials as they are more alert and concern about the issues happen around the world. Also, the information will reach them fast by using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. When they received sustainability-related information from our post, they will act as our ambassador to share post and comment their thoughts. Then, their friend circle in Facebook will be impacted. More people will be aware of the initiatives we are doing, not for who, but for them, and their future.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 12,000.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Bamboo Straw 1000 3 3000
Pouch 1000 5 5000
Straw Brush 1000 3 3000
 Administration fees (Petrol, Logistic, Phone credit, Honorarium for volunteers ) 1000 1 1000
Total cost 12000


12/7/2018 – Volunteer’s Recruitment 15/7/2018- End of Volunteer’s Recruitment 16/7 – 21/7/2018 – Assessing and Evaluating Volunteer’s application 22/7/2018 – Announcement of the shortlisted applicant- call for an interview 25/7 – 30/7- Phone interview the shortlisted applicant 1/8/2018 – Announcement of successful volunteer 10/8/2018- Field Visit to Orang Asli Base at Selangor and Single mother representative base at KL 15/8/2018 – Collect Cut Bamboo Straw from Orang asli’s representative and Pouch from single mother representative. At the same time, place order for straw brush. 20/8/2018 – Online Pre-order and Online Campaign Start. The design team will be working on the packaging and logo of the product. Marketing Team will liaise with media to get exposure. Product team will start adding value to the product while Sales Team will respond to feedback from the customer. 30/8/2018- Pre-order of products end. 1/9/2018 – Physical booth at UniMAP New intake Orientation’s week to sell product, at the same time delivery the product to pre-order clients via post 3/9/2018 – Postmortem and Wrap up. End of Phase 1. Preparation for Phase 2, collaborating with other’s NGO and the local university to multiply the effect. We need resources such as stock from the supplier, Manpower to support the project, Large exposure from the media to spread the message and create awareness. We will manage and fully utilise the fund to make sure everything go on plan.


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