We are mobile application developer with objectives to build app for teaching and learning for autism children as well as therapy. We are targeting to make use of the application to help middle-class parents to be able to have therapy modules for their autism children, which are relatively expensive. This application can also be used for every children as well because it can act as an early intervention system to detect whether their children have autism symptoms as early as 2 years old, so that it can be detect and intervention can be done early.

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Ahmad Afif Bin Muhamad Atiff


Our objective is to ease the difficulties of the parents in finding alternative solutions to improve their autistic children which are very important for the children to be able to live better, which ultimately will lead to a better future for the child. Parents are also having problems to send their autistic children for therapy as many of the packages offered are very expensive for the middle class families. Another problem faced by our society is the lack of awareness among the parents about the early symptoms of autism on their children, thus it becomes really difficult to train them when the children have grown older.


BeeCare is an easy-to-use mobile application to help the children exercising their eye-tracking, reflectiveness and perception of surroundings by playing the fun game modules, while the application at the same time will record the progress of the children and giving remarks to the parents. This will act as an alternative therapy for the children which are far cheaper than other expensive therapies. Another functionalities provided by us is the early detection system which will detect whether the children have any autism symptoms, thus will alert the parents to attend to their children at their early age so the symptoms can be controlled.

Target Beneficiary

Our main customers are these two groups of people; the first is the parents with autistic children which are concerned with improving their autistic children’s skills and progress. The third is the autism centres all around Malaysia in search for a digitalization of teaching and learning modules to be used in class. The third main customers is the medical practitioners or researchers whom are interested in using the data and remarks provided by BeeCare for research and medical purposes.

As of now, a total of 30 hopeful parents have been using this application and giving positive feedback and hope that this application will be improved more. We will also monitoring the remarks provided by Google’s Playstore to know the numbers of downloaders and the feedbacks provided.


We have consulted with various autism organizations and people. We currently working closely with 3 people. First is Madam Wan Ruslina, she’s an expert in autism and she’s the one that give us the idea to digitalize the American’s ABA autism therapy in mobile application. The second is Madam Syarifah. She’s a principal of IDEAS Autism Centre in Rawang, Selangor. We are able to validate our application with her and testing with the children in the centre. The third one is Madam Zaleha, she is a principal of The Nasional Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), Gombak branch, which whom we consulted before we began developing the Beta version of our project 8 months ago.

Project Needs

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Project Cost

RM 71933

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Allowance  1800  6  21,600
Rental studio  1000   6,000
Unity (software)  625  12   7,500
Research cost  800  3,200 
Marketing 2000 2 4,000
Dell Alienware Aurora R6-70K3158DG-W10 Gaming PC Desktop (i7-7700K, 512GB+1TB, 32GB, Dual GTX1080-8GB,W10H) 14,999 1 14,999
Wacom Tablet Cintiq 22Hd Touch (Dth-2200/K0-Cx) 11,635 1 11,635
Alienware 25 Monitor – AW2518H # 240Hz | NVIDIA® G-SYNC 2,999 1 2,999
Total cost  71,933


We estimated that we need 6 months to deliver. For the first 2 months, we would like to take time to make more research and validation regarding the best autism modules and the technology needed for children. For the next 2 months, we would like to start enhancing the application (which are currently in Beta version) by further coding it and making the graphics nicer. By the last 2 months, we would like to make final validation with autism children before we begin launching the application. We would also begin to market the application to be used in autism and therapy centres all around Malaysia and also for the parents with autism children in care.
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