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We want to bring the community to be successful, enhancing their economy and getting a good basic skill and education level especially in the rural area like paitan area. This program will give them an opportunity to run their own business by costing less but income satisfies, this is a new lifestyle that can help the community and to the younger generation, which allows them to unlock their full potential.

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Sabah, Malaysia


Since I joined the village activity I have seen most of the village community or parents of students with no stable income that is in the affairs of the community. At the same time, I also watched the students' ability to do every test they took especially in the rural areas is an unsatisfactory outcome because their travel time to school was limited due to the lack of transportation. If the unemployment of this village community is not properly addressed we are at risk, being the other one where half of their children are unable to pursue higher education due to negative social and economic problems. This is what I'm wondering, what are the main factors I can do for them and what things they can do differently according to their basic skills and their knowledge. As a village youth, I have experienced a lot throughout of my life. The following is a problem especially for those who are not an uneducated person like me, it very difficult to get a good job in their lives because the educational decisions are not satisfactory. The villagers have no clear goal of what to do in their lives, which separates them is that they have no income clearly to handle until their children fail in school because of their inadequacy. The villagers always fail because there is not strong enough self-confidence from themselves when they want to try to get change a new life. The community has two problems that are the ones that occur in themselves: self-confidence and self-planing.


Unemployment is a very complicated issue. It requires governments and NGOs to work together to improve education, skills and provide economic improvement opportunities for villagers, especially in rural areas. Therefore, the established of this Community Development is a way to tackle and help society to improve the level of education, basic skills, and village economic improvement. Is this program running 2 ways? Education basic. This education basic is to help the parents encourage their children to get good results from primary school and secondary school including their transport and their safety at the river during a way to the school and back home, for free to them. Agriculture. The farming farm was established to help the villagers and parents to earn some money. Parents and villagers can reduce their burden and have the opportunity to run a business at low cost but they will earn a steady income. Development of the village ("Planning a living change") Stipulating a collaborative goal("Looking for a buyer") Increase their knowledge ("place marketing and environment") Assistive work tools ("telephone and laptop") Interview ("share your experience") Build self-confidence and achieve your goals. (Using techniques learned) Learn how to break fears and overcome the challenge (belief in yourself ) Understand effective communication skills and win the challenges faced. (discipline) Find and take time to find your inner strength ( mind ability).

Target Beneficiary


Children, youths, married, single mothers and a single father for those are interested.


For children, youth, single mothers and single fathers, no matter of race and religion wherever they are at any stage of life, we believe that this program can help and bring them increased in their economy, skills, and education by using leadership and communication training. Village areas are at risk of poverty. particularly in the rural area is the most challenging. 75% of the rural areas living in the face of unclear income especially in the area of paitan it still going by boats and use a candle lamp during the night time when their children want to study after the school hours.

Size and measurement

For this year 2018, we intend to conduct activities in the village area, especially in the rural areas with at least 5 areas in daerah Paitan. We will be set up it the activities of a community (Agriculture) by group level.


Our impact is to ensure all communities are to be successful in enhancing the economy and investing skills and education. We offer excellent the training programs for villagers and their children for a new lifestyle development and to improve leaving in a not good environment. We will make sure all the students will get a good result by the end of a year from the primary school and secondary school including their transport and their safety at the river during a way to the school. The villagers can observe their work for 5-6 months after the program began.

How is it measured?

These measurements will be based on the community, including their discussions and their progress and feedback. We will appoint one village leader to collect all the information and report to the superior.

Alfrey Rasdu

My name is Alfrey Rasdu. The village youth from daerah paitan sabah, this community development project is helping the village by enhancing and forming communities education basic and economy. I have a deep passion to join the community to develop young people to be a good leader in the future. Also, as a village youth, I have learned a lot about using a better mind ability, and how to use it for the preparation live future. This is a new lifestyle that I like to introduce to the community and to the younger generation, which allows them to unlock their full potential.

Project Needs

Type of help needed

In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

RM 3000 - RM 10000

Describe Needs

Desk 50 units-Rm: 1,700 Chair 100 units- Rm: 2,500 Whiteboard 1 unit-Rm220, Printer 1 unit-Rm: 750 Stationery items-Rm: 600 ( Education) Poison tank (13L) 40 units-Rm: 5,200 , Hoe 40 units-Rm: 600 Poison 120L-Rm: 1,170 Managemant transport-Rm; 1200 ( Agriculture)
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