Desa Mentari Transformation Program

The project objective is to develop a spirit of unity among residents staying in Desa Mentari flats and to build up their capacity to handle the management and up keep of the building and neighbourhood.

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The Project

Project Owner

Chegne Peck Yean




Desa Mentari consists of 10 blocks of low cost houses and is located in the PJS area of Petaling Jaya. The area is a setting of urban decay where many of their low cost high rise flats is dilapidated and is compounded with gangsterism, vandalism, drug abuse and other social problems. The community lack unity and the technical knowledge to manage the flats or to liase with the Building Managers.


We plan to work with the community by creating a new clean image through a repainting program that will involve the participation of the residents. This has proven to work successfully with Block 5 with the end result of beautiful murals being drawn at the lift lobby of every floor. For capacity building, there will be “Caring Community” courses that will be conducted to instil empathy and a culture of caring for the community. A set of house rules will also be set up to guide residents on their joint responsibilities in staying in high rise apartments. A software will be developed for the community to report on building issues that will need the attention of the JMB (Building Managers) as well as to create a community database to document needy families and a record of the interventions carried out.

Target Beneficiary

This project will impact residents most of whom are from the B40 category. We have chosen this community (Desa Mentari Block 5) because of a successful earlier program that we did with them . Also they are in close proximity with 9 other similar blocks, which will serve our replication phase well.

Impact Parameters

1 – Number of residents that attend our courses. 2 – Number of residents that use the mobile complains channel 3 – Transparency of building managers with regard to collection and expenses, and the number of residents that take an interest in the running and monitoring of the physical building and community. 4 – For the repainting to replicate to at least 3 more blocks.

Project Endorsement


MyPJ, Friends of Kota Damansara, Rotary Club. These 3 supporters have been working on past projects (community care carnival) that have raised funds and implemented projects that have benefited other NGOs, that implemented Youth Leadership courses, Poverty Alleviation, one secondary school in environmental projects, a drum circle etc

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 74,400.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Paints for Painting and murals 3-5 blocks 400 40 16000
Utensils, brushes etc 20 50 1000
Water Jet machines 800 3 2400
Mobile Reporting system and Community Data Base 25000 1 25000
Caring Community Courses, expenses and facilitator (25 paxs per batch) 1500 10 15000
 JMB Building Managers Courses 1500 10  15000
Total cost 74400


1st September 2018 – Painting Event for 3 blocks 1st September 2018 – commencement of weekly classes 1st March 2019 – Software implemented 31st July 2019 – Project End


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