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This is a football training program which implement life skills in training. A good learning environment will formed to foster their team spirit. We hope to engage more people in community projects. Our project aims to enrich the community by increasing their self-esteem, raise awareness of public on this community and allow this community to have an enjoyable and memorable moment in their life. In this program, we will be coaching children not only in terms of their football skills but some life skills which are useful for their daily life as well. 

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Kh'ng Yong Haw


Children will follow their parents’ footsteps if they were born in dysfunctional families where by there are regular arguments, drugs consumption by other family members and other bad habits. Since youngsters are the future leaders of the society, it is very important that they are brought up in an environment which will influence them positively so that they would stay on the right track. We found out that the children from the marginalized community and are more prone to be affected by the negative influences around them. However, this project believes that all children, regardless of their background have their own potential. Apart from this, this project wishes to provide a platform to foster healthy team spirit among the children. As the saying goes ‘Teamwork is better than isolation, especially for columnist’, people are better when they collaborate with and utilize others’ strength to create an excellent result.


For the first two months, we plan to lead the children by having workshop and games which involves participation from both parties. Life skills education are implemented throughout the training program so that the children can learn something other than football skills. There will be a tournament on 2nd of June 2018 where children can get more experiences by exposing themselves to a new surroundings and getting along with different people. This tournament will include children which from different communities. We believe through this SEP project, we can bring a positive and influential outcome to the community so they could sustain longer and encourage more people to be a part of us.

Target Beneficiary

United Learning Centre (ULC), Lautu Education Centre, CSO. These communities were not much given the opportunity to explore their surrounding. Even though they are being educated by some volunteers, some had to attend classes every day in a shop lot and during their leisure time for entertainment, they are only allowed to play football at the football field around the area. This is also due to their safety purposes for not being allowed to go more that that. We desire to bring them to the football field at USCI University for them to explore around the university, housing area as well as the community in the particular area. By interacting with the coaches from the project team, both parties are actually learning from each other as the students will learn to understand those around them more and may even contribute more to these communities in the future.

This project helps the committee member as well as the community. Firstly, we focus on both the process and the outcome that this programme and the tournament can bring to the community. It is important that both the coaches and children enjoy their time together so that everything can run smoothly. We would emphasize that winning or losing in a small-sided match is not important as it does not determine our future but it helps in building team-work between the children. Secondly, listening is also a very important manner. It ensures that both parties are able to voice out their opinions and suggestions during the training. By doing so, the coaches will be able to fulfill the needs of this children and will improve their way of communicating with children. The coaches will be able to conduct the training smoothly when the children are cooperating and maximizing their involvement during training. Thirdly, observing and improving the football training method. We will put in effort to ensure that any mistakes that occur in the beginning will be taken into consideration so that improvements can be made throughout the project. It is true because no one project is perfect without any slight complications. We are open to learning from the community as well as from our mistakes.


Scholar Enrichment Programme (SEP). The Scholar Enrichment Programme (SEP) was initiated to provide opportunities for scholars and university students to contribute to the society through their time, knowledge, care and love. SEP serves as a platform for holistic talent development for new scholars of UCSI University and nurtures competent and socially responsible future leaders. This project was initiated as we realized that there are marginalized community who are unable to join certain events that were organized by other parties. Many of them are actually interested to join a football coaching program since they love the sport. They were not given much opportunity to showcase their talent in football through competition. So, we initiated a community football coaching program in order to enable this community to learn the football skills as well as experiencing the change currently in the society. This is also to ensure that they are not "outdated" when it comes to the current trend of their peers.

Project Needs

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Project Cost

Below RM 4443

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below: 
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Field rental  53.00  10  530
 Transportation for the community (MRT Bus & MRT)  30.6  15  459
 Medal for winners of tournament  15.00  35  525
 Football for training sessions and tournament  19.50  10  195
Bibs for training sessions and tournament 8 15 120
Football marker for training sessions and tournament 0.98 50 49
Boots for some of the more underprivileged community 30.00 15 450
Certificate for all participants 35 1 35
Food & Beverage for tournament day 40 8 320
Printing (Brochure, flyer and poster) 20 1 20
Petrol, parking, and toll charges (for team) 9 10 90
Training (Premier Skills – for team) 1 250 250
Miscellaneous (Resources) 1 100 100
Donation for 3 centres 3 40 1200
Graduation Booth 1 100 100
Total cost 4443 


2018-05-26 : Completion of football training program. They will be equipped with football skills that enables them to apply in the coming football tournament. The life skills learnt will be used in their daily lives. 2018-06-02 : Completion of football tournament and award ceremony for the participants. At the end of the day, they would learn some life skills that were implemented in this football program to apply in their daily lives and overcome life challenges.
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Leong Man Kit RM1,431 July 20, 2018
Muhammad Razin Mohd Redzuan RM30 June 11, 2018
Yong Yee Chong RM5 June 11, 2018
Ng Aiyuan RM5 June 09, 2018
Ives Kh'ng RM10 June 09, 2018

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