Eco EduPreneur Camp

Our objective to train young entrepreneurs for the future with good interpersonal skills. We also would like the young generation to close with the natural environment and learn to protect our nature.

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Lack of awareness to the environment issue. People nowadays are ignoring nature while to busy to build their own career. As we are too chasing to have a good economy in country, we forgot to take care our natural environment. Everyday we will a lot of pollution and disaster that human have done. We also still less in number on young entrepreneur as our Malaysian generation are too focus to be a doctor and engineer. To create a sustainable country, we need to sustain our economy and environment as well.


By creating oppurtunities to make our generation realise that environment and entrepreneurship are two vital things in the future. We provide them with knowledge and skills to make them a better man. Not only by having a good business in the future, but he/she will conserve and protect our environment. So that, they will help thier community and raise their living style.

Target Beneficiary


Youth from B40 family, school and university students.


They are our future leader. Providing them with knowledge and a good common sense is our investment to create a great nation.

Size and measurement

Medium range


They will grow with the knowledge given and spread to their close member including family and friends. So the it will be free media for us to create awareness among the society. They probably will change their mind to be a businessma that help their community in the future

How is it measured?

By following their improvements and achievement years by years. And come to their area and ask is it the awareness have been spread by them.

Ady Syafiq (Marine Science Club, UMT)


I'm the one who will help my community to grow stronger and better. The idea came during my class time, we have a goal to see our local people to be more success without ignoring our environment. As human being, protecting nature is one our responsibilities on the Earth. As we see entrepreneurship is one mechanism that can help our community, we would to produce more young man that involve in business.

Type of Supporter


Short bio

Farah Fareena, she is my mentor in entrepreneurship and also my idol in social enterprise work.

How they help

She give me a lot oppurtunities to have my own business and give spirit to other students who wants to have own pocket money. She share her knowledges and experience to make sure many young people would do the same like her.

Type of help needed

Validation (awareness)
In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

RM 3001 to RM 10000

Describe Needs

Marketing and provide good service to our target communities. Some panels or great people who like to share their knowledge with our young generation.

Total Cost 

RM 10000

Project Purpose

Preparing participants accommodation and camp activities. Designing the camp kit by having their "nature guide book", so the camp will be more fun. Contact "Setiu Wetland Terengganu" to reserve the place.

Marketing Purpose

Targetinga group of high school/university student from B40 family. Will collaborate with University/school Student Affair to get the list name. Any student that interest to join this camp will be consider.
Participants are motivated to start a better life and ready to help their communities in the future. We also want they feel encouraged to start their new business so that they are able to gain their own pocket money and independent without too depends on others help. Participants will gain some meaningful knowledge and experiences, hopefully they can spread it to their family, friends and community.
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