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Environmental Stewardship is the protection and responsible use of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Practical knowledge about how to promote environmental stewardship at schools is severely lacking and has been largely left uncovered. Composting, recycling, rainwater harvesting, gardening, landscaping and habitat creation for wildlife are some of the topics we feel should be taught in schools. Teachers often lack the knowledge and the resources to teach these to students effectively. We aim to share our knowledge and resources with as many schools as we can.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Baida Jane Hercus


It is hard to find resources about planting and sustainable techniques and we have found that teachers often lack knowledge in this area. Therefore, they are unable to teach environmental topics effectively to their students. Teachers also lack the resources, materials and tools needed to educate students about environmental education. It is costly to take students, usually in small numbers, on excursions, especially for those not living in the Klang Valley. We aim to create a world first mobile environmental awareness vehicle to take resources, tools, equipment and knowledge to schools, teachers and students!


1. Bring the resources, tools and equipment to the teachers and students. 2. Trained FTSKL representatives will drive to the designated school and impart their knowledge. 3. Develop various age appropriate methods that are fun and informative and, yet, practical. 4. Provide the schools with free trees, worksheets and project guidelines for solving small school related environmental issues.
1. Raise participation levels on environmental education and activities. 2. Equip teachers and students with the theory and practical on gardening, sustainability, and environmental knowledge. Once we teach them, they will carry this knowledge for life. 3. Increase exposure to environmental awareness and the conservation message to bring about changes in values.
1. Students and teachers with world class knowledge on gardening, sustainability and environment. 2. Trained teachers who are better able to integrate environmental education into their curriculum. 3. A vibrant community of passionate nature enthusiasts and environmentalists. 4. Greener schools. 5. Greener communities.

Target Beneficiary

This project will directly impact a whole range of schools (preschool, primary, secondary, and tertiary). The teachers and children in Peninsular Malaysia, armed with green knowledge will be able to create a wonderful spillover effect into communities, resulting in greater harmony with nature. Schools will benefit directly in the form of free trees and know-how for creating wildlife habitats and edible gardens.


Measure the number and type of schools participating and signing up. Obtain feedback. Measure the number of students participating. Obtain feedback. Measure the number of projects implemented by the schools.

Project Endorsement

Type of Supporter

Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur (FTSKL) Organization
  • FTSKL is an environmental organization that gives away free trees to the community simply to encourage a love of nature. We conduct hands-on training on gardening techniques and sustainable practices such as composting, rainwater harvesting, vermicomposting and solar at our nursery in Kuala Lumpur while also imparting a knowledge on current environmental issues such as climate change, loss of habitat and biodiversity and plastic pollution. FTSKL is committed to encouraging a movement to protect nature. FTSKL have over 10,000 supporters in the community many of whom are from various educational centres. We have fielded many requests to participate in school events however transporting our nursery resources has proved difficult.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75,000

Describe Needs

Description Cost
Purchase of New Box Van  RM 50, 000
Truck type is DongFeng V21 1.3L Hawker or similar. Retrofit (Decals, shelving, etc) RM 25,000
Total cost RM 75,000
  • Any additional project costs above and beyond the estimated budget will be borne by FTSKL, such as, sponsoring volunteer drivers to have their GDL (D) License (RM500 each).


  • 2 weeks for purchase and delivery of vehicle with full insurance and road tax. 1-2 months design and fit-out of vehicle. The vehicle will then undergo a retrofit for purpose. Customization will include layout, shelving, storage, and sticker decals.
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