Help Sabahan students raise funds for their school!

A small but very popular community school for marginalised students is run by volunteers and is running out of space! The school really needs an upgrade.

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Sabah, Malaysia

Project Owner

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon


This school has been run by volunteers for a long time. It was risky to open it in the first place, as it wasn’t clear if the surrounding community would accept the initiative. However, everything has happened mostly without problems and the school is gaining in popularity. Due to the modest set-up of the school and the limited funds in maintaining operations, the schoolis currently overloaded and is trying to provide education to more students than it can practically accommodate. With lack of official support, we need to Actyvate this school to reach its full potential!


This school is a great success due to the commitment of the management and the teachers, many of whom work on a voluntary basis. The students are marginalised, yet the community around the school has embraced them into their community. The current infrastructure of the school cannot support the number of students, and upgrades are desperately needed. There is a need to extend existing power lines, increase learning spaces and upgrade water and plumbing facilities to support and encourage the good work that is happening here.

Target Beneficiary

The students in this school are marginalised and considered “out-of-school” youth. Somehow, they fell outside the system. Yet, they have big dreams and lots of talent! Let’s help to give them a better chance to achieve their goals.

The increase in students that can be effectively taught after the upgrade


Persatuan Gaya Hidup Lestari Biji-biji – skills training UNICEF – providing infrastructure support

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 74,700 

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Electrician & Wiring  8000 8000
 Plumbing & Drainage 8000 8000 
Biji-biji Digital Hub Structure 30,000 30,000 
Internet 4500 1 4500
Chromebooks 1400 8 11,200
Classroom Infrastructure (Furnitures, Fans & Etc) 13,000 1 13,000
Total cost 74,700 


June/July 2018 – Basic upgrades (infrastructure) Aug/Sept 2018 – Additional Classroom
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM49,698 July 02, 2018
wendy kiwi RM100 July 01, 2018
Mr. Yahya (E) and friends RM900 June 30, 2018
Mr. Fong (E) and friends RM1,000 June 30, 2018
Sherzali (E) and friends RM3,000 June 30, 2018
Zoe Victoria RM5 June 29, 2018
Lim Ak Lek Star RM300 June 29, 2018
Ong Siew Kit Star RM1,000 June 29, 2018
SFSAMC Madrasah Parents' Collective RM895 June 27, 2018
SIEW MANG YEE RM200 June 27, 2018
Jessie Yong RM20 June 21, 2018
Roselynn Chai RM30 June 20, 2018
FARAH WAHIDA RM5 June 20, 2018
Dayang Mazuina binti majahir RM5 June 20, 2018
Khai Yee Ng RM5 June 20, 2018
Shu Qing Hoe RM10 June 19, 2018
Ana Lee RM5 June 19, 2018
Hang Wen Yin RM20 June 19, 2018
Daryll Tan RM50 June 19, 2018
Sherzali Asli RM5,000 June 19, 2018
Sherzali Asli RM5,000 June 19, 2018
Datuk Akbar Khan RM5,000 June 19, 2018
Koh Onn Siau RM100 June 15, 2018
Ahmad Nazlee Idris RM20 June 13, 2018
Elluzana Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Sukarai Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Adnan and Friends RM2,307 June 11, 2018
Anonymous Mouse RM5 June 06, 2018
Gurpreet Dhillon RM10 June 06, 2018


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