The Hot & Cold Run is a charity event by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation that aims to raise funds to support HIV education program for youth. The charity run will provide the opportunity for everyone, especially students and young adults, to be meaningfully involved in HIV/AIDS activism and contribute to MAF’s fundraising effort. It will be opened to 1,500 runners in 3 Categories — 10 KM 5 km and 3 KM– all as Non-Competitive entry. It is scheduled to take place on 16 September 2018 at the University of Malaya Main Campus in Kuala Lumpur The Hot & Cold Run is organised to celebrate the heroic feats of two extraordinary young men, Jeff Lau and Jerry Song, who back in 2017, have successfully conquered two of theworld’s toughest foot races in opposing hot and cold climate extremes – the 9th6633 Arctic Ultra and the Gobi March — in their bid to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. 

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Malaysian AIDS Foundation


Currently, over 40% of all new HIV infections in Malaysia are estimated to occur among youth ages 18 to 30 years. There are many factors that put young people at an elevated risk of HIV. Adolescence and early adulthood is a critical period of development when significant physical and emotional changes occur. Adolescents and young people have growing personal autonomy and responsibility for their individual health. At this age, it is absolutely critical for them to have complete understanding about HIV and the risk of transmission. At the same time, HIV also remains as a negative subject in our society, even among the younger generation who are still not comfortable to talk about the issue and choose to distance themselves from equipping themselves with critical information about HIV/AIDS. This situation calls for drastic intervention programme that can help the youth population to have better understanding about HIV and the risk of transmission. Resources to roll out large scale education and awareness programmes are also very scarce, and it has been extremely challenging for NGO community like the Malaysian AIDS Foundation to raise the necessary funding to support this project.


The Hot & Cold Run is a step in a right direction to demistify HIV/AIDS and provides an open and engaging platform for youth to learn about HIV and AIDS. In long run, we would like to to attract greater participation of the youth population, especially university students and young adults in HIV/AIDS awareness and education programme. Fundraising events like Hot and Cold are important because it helps us to mobilised financial, as well as manpower resources (in the form of student volunteers) to meet our goal of reaching out to as many youth as possible with HIV/AIDS prevention message Funds raised from the Hot & Cold Run will enable us to mobilised and expand the Red Ribbon Youth Club, an HIV/AIDS advocacy programme that we established with our university partners. The RRYC programmes nurture student leadership and encourages them to run a campus-based HIV/AIDS programme. The Red Ribbon Youth Club is a HIV/AIDS youth advocacy programme that the Malaysian AIDS Foundation has developed with the aim of encouraging voluntarism among university/college students and to educate them with accurate information about HIV/AIDS. The RRYC is based as 12 participating IPTA/IPTS across Malaysia, including at the University of Malaya, where each of the campus chapters carried out awareness campaigns and activities in their campus Proceeds raised from the Hot & Cold Run will be channelled to support HIV education and prevention activities for young people under the MAF Red Ribbon Youth Club and also to support the the Faculty of Medicine Development Fund.

Target Beneficiary

1) Students and young adults – This target group represents an age group that currently registers the highest numbers of new HIV/AIDS cases, and becomes the focus for our current HIV/AIDS prevention campaign and outreach programme 2) General population – Awareness about HIV needs to spread across all segment of societies. We also wish to instill value of respect and dignified treatment for People Living with HIV and educate the masses about stigma and discrimination. 3) Members of the media – Media is the most cost effective and influential medium to spread HIV/AIDS awareness message. The programme also aims to strengthen our alliance with media practitioners. 4) People living with HIV – Public awareness event like the Hot & Cold Run is also designed to convey message of empathy and solidarity with the plight of People Living with HIV.

1) Direct participation of youth in the Hot & Cold Run 2) Positive media coverage, including larger coverage about HIV/AIDS and youth issues in print and electronic media. 3) Fundraisings income for Malaysian AIDS Foundation and our collaborator, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.


Student volunteers and members of the Red Ribbon Youth Club at University of Malaya

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description  Cost

80 % from the budget for organising the event.

Printing 1,500 unit dry-fit tshirt

Printing of 1,500 unit finisher medals

Printing of event collaterals (banners, arches)

RM 60,000
 10 % from the budget for managing volunteers and other manpowersCost for 2 meals for 250 student volunteers Token payment to Campus Security Team Token payment to Campus Paramedic Team Token payment to Route Marshalls. RM 10,000

10% for Red Ribbon Youth Club Activation Programme

Cost for organising Youth Engagement Programme in conjunction with the Hot and Cold Run. This will cover the cost for printing educational collaterals and setting up booth for activities.

RM 5000
Total Cost   RM 75000


1) Cost to manage the logistics and operation of the event; including volunteer management, security and traffic marshals, route demarcation, participant registration and others. 2) Cost for setting up the event – main stage, starting grid arch, route market, etc. 3) Cost to organise HIV/AIDS Awareness Exhibition and Activation Programme (through the Red Ribbon Youth Club platform) at the UM Campus during the event day, and the subsequent follow-up programme that will be held at the campus at later date.
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM50,000 July 18, 2018
AHMAD ARIF MOD ESHA RM25,000 July 06, 2018


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