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Kabare Studyo is a community hub project where we help Sijangkang students in term of high quality learning tools and space. This hub targets to help the 4 neighbouring schools in the area – 2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. We aim to provide a free space for them with wifi access and libraries of multiple interactive learning aids, subsidised printing and conputer use and subsidized tuition classes in the space.

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The Project

Project Owner

Nurshafira Noh 




The main problem we are trying to raise here is three: (1) lack of high quality access and exposure for the students (2) parents cannot afford to pay for high quality education and for more exposure for the students (3) low community involvement and awareness of education


We aim to develop this community hub, equipped with curated libraries and multimedia access, while we in our own team can continue developing and designing the content for them at subsidized-priced. This community hub will also act as after school place for the students as there is no hostels for the aforementioned secondary schools

Target Beneficiary

The main beneficiaries is the students from low-income family in 10 km radius and in this village. The hub can be used by around 30 students at a time (with tables) but for open classes, we aim to help up to 150 students altogether. This includes Malays, Indians, and Chinese. This community acts a pilot to see the importance of a well-developed community hub for education of the students here in Sijangkang as well as because this village is the biggest village in Selangor (16 000 people, 4000 teenagers), hence higher percent of students can be helped. The hubs can also be used by parents and teachers as well.

Impact Parameters

The main indicators we will measure is by the level of (1) enhancement in term of knowledge understanding, (2) students’ involvement in the learning process, (3) the level of contribution they can make (as we will develop an Idea Bank for all students ideas to be shared around) based on the KSSR/M syllabi.

Project Endorsement


For now, the main supporters are few parents who had believed in this idea and friends who contributed monthly. They did provide used furnitures, books and also donated some amounts. The parents mainly have teenagers in their family and have seen the gap between the urban students opportunity in learning conpared with us here. We also have had help from a bakery community to aid with the content development (some funds to design and develop the materials for the students)

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 12,600

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
(Facility) the completion of ceiling works (we have bought some woods, but not enough and not properly sealed yet)  RM 2500 40′ x 20′ areas 2500
(Marketing) bunting for 10 – 15 pieces RM 15 20 pieces 300
(Team) 2 part-time fellows’ basic allowance for 6 months who will be in the center RM 1000/ month 6 months 6000
 (Resources) new books needed based on the designed learning aids RM 20/ piece (average) 100 pieces 2000 
(Facility) Grass carpets coverage for some areas RM 6/ square feet 300 square feet 1800
Total cost RM12,600


The first phase milestone is to complete the construction and basic library and study space. This is aimed to complete in early or mid-July 2018. In this 1st phase, we will gather more students, promote and collaborate with teachers we know to get the students. The second phase is to launch the projects and open doors for them to join us. As to achieve these two milestones, we need the fund or in-kind contribution for the construction and to give some stipends for the fellows. The other milestones we will cover on our own for the time being.
Name Donate Amount Date
Muhamad Noh RM50 July 14, 2018
Nurshafira Binti Noh RM50 June 30, 2018


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