Malaysian Business Consortium for HIV/AIDS (MBCH) Satellite Symposium

Spearheaded by MAF, the MBCH is a joint collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources and supported by Ministry of Health. It is a corporate membership programme that brings together local corporate companies under the single agenda of promoting workplace protection policy and developing effective HIV/AIDS workplace programmes, parallel to their business’s needs, resources and practices. MBCH is a proactive measure that can help to mitigate the negative impact of HIV/AIDS at workplace and also a step forward towards the creation of a better and safer workplace environment for employees.

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Jasmin Jalil


The issue of HIV/AIDS is a sensitive subject for many, including at the workplace, where People Living with HIV (PLHIV) are often discriminated against, some resulting in wrongful termination of service by their employers. This situation may be due to the fact that many employers and employees lack awareness on the issue and have difficulty distinguishing between myths and facts on the actual cause of HIV/AIDS transmission. There is also an urgent need for employers to properly address the issue of HIV/AIDS at the workplace because failure to do so may result in increased costs and declining productivity.


1) Customized training programme designed to educate the workforce with HIV/AIDS awareness which is available with the MBCH membership. The level and scale of the training are adjusted and customized to suit the target group. 2) Expert consultation to assist the company in designing appropriate HIV/AIDS response at the workplace, including developing the company's own HIV/AIDS workplace policy. At company's disposal are policy experts from the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) and the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH). We also facilitate corporate peer-to-peer mentoring programme where existing members and champions of MBCH programme such as PETRONAS can share their experiences with new members in managing business risk related to HIV/AIDS at the workplace such as medical costs and impact on productivity and profitability. 3) Opportunity for CSR engagement with underprivileged HIV community. By being a member, you may participate in many of our community outreach programmes where the emphasis is always on staff participation.

Target Beneficiary

Government-linked companies (GLC) and multinational corporations (MNC) throughout Malaysia. One of the long term target for MBCH is the legislation of HIV/AIDS workplace policy by 2020. The Bill will be sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource with backing by MAF and MBCH members. In order for this to take place, we need to demonstrate to our lawmakers that our effort received backings by major Malaysian employers; both GLCs and MNCs with strong operation in Malaysia. We really need the strong corporate support to rally behind us for this extremely important endeavour that will create a lasting impact on the livelihood of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Malaysia.

  1.  Participation of corporate companies (target of a minimum of 50 corporate members by June 2019).
  2.  Advocacy works leading to the legislation of the Safe HIV/AIDS at Workplace Bill by 2020.


PETRONAS PETRONAS is one of the long standing partners of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF). It is currently an esteemed member of Corporate Advisor for MBCH. In its capacity as the corporate partner and advisor for MBCH, PETRONAS has collaborated with MAF, the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC), the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH), Malaysia’s Ministry of Health and other partner organizations. The advocacy work of the MBCH paved the way for PETRONAS’ adoption of a comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace policy. The PETRONAS HIV/AIDS Policy marked a watershed in the corporate sector response to HIV, as it eliminates the need for job applicants or employees of PETRONAS to undergo a HIV test. This HIV/AIDS policy adoption by PETRONAS, as Malaysia’s oil and gas industry leader, sets the standard for future policy development by other players in the industry, in both Malaysia as well as globally. This enables PETRONAS to carry out peer to peer mentoring activities for not only other oil and gas companies, but also for other industries in the region who wish to adopt a safe HIV/AIDS workplace policy at their workplace. Peer to peer mentoring by PETRONAS covers: 1) Sharing best practice in HIV/AIDS management 2) Development of workplace policy 3) Assists in implementation of programs in companies Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) YSD is currently the largest corporate partner of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF). Their CSR contributions for the past 5 years has exceeded RM5.8 million, with a focus in the areas of Advocacy and Treatment, Care and Support Programmes. YSD is also a Major Corporate Advisor for MBCH. YSD also assists in advocacy efforts that promote national policy changes to protect basic rights and improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged. Through programme sponsorships, YSD assists the marginalized PLHIV community by increasing access to treatment. Through advocacy efforts, the stigma and prejudice against PLHIV is curbed for the benefit of curbing the spread of the disease. YSD’s contributions continues to become the catalyst for involvement of other corporate bodies, private companies and media organizations in national HIV/AIDS advocacy efforts and harm reduction programmes.

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RM 75000

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Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Training costs  3000 12 36000 
 Logistics & travel 1000  12   12000
 Marketing costs (brochure printings & website) 9000   9000
 Coordinator allowance  1500 12  18000 
Total cost 75000 


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