Millennial Entrepreneurial Exchange

Millennial Entrepreneurial Exchange is a gathering of the top entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses to exceed a minimum of 2 million gross revenue per year; who are invited to engage young adult minds in Universities via classroom talk exchanges and also to recruit student mentees or interns.
The objective is to create a more robust entrepreneurial hub by encourage hands on networking and ideas exchange.
Both online and via face to face engagements.

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The Project

Project Owner





High interest but lack of real life hand on experience by the Malaysian Millennials generation (main focus) but also those who have interest in starting their own businesses & seeking to learn from others.


Create more successful entrepreneurs from those willing to take the plunge into starting enterprises & businesses early.

Target Beneficiary

Business students and entrepreneur clubs across the country; as well as enterprise founders who are keen to engage a generation of consumers as collaborators and to share their experiences to create a better start up environment.

Impact Parameters

In terms of the Reach via on ground engagement and the digital platform designed to connect 30 successful start up entrepreneurs and over (20) Universities business / entrepreneurial clubs & faculties

Project Endorsement


Over (30) entrepreneurs identified as well as (20) Universities who are willing to collaborate

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 66,000.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Designing & programming Digital Platform – 1 programmer 3000 12 36000
Setting up & Logistics – Classroom Talks 1000 20 20000
Server & Maintenance 300 12 3600
 Print Materials & Guidebooks 320 20  6400
Total cost 66000


July – Aug : Setting of Entrepreneurs speakers schedules July – Aug : Coordination with (20) Universities Sep – Dec : Launching & Execution


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