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Inspiring urban poor students through the life story of Dato’ Wira Lee Chong Wei. 

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Tuisyen Sayang is a free tuition class held twice a week organised by Projek Ihsan for urban poor students, run by volunteer teachers and mentors. As we get to know our students more, behind the smile that they bring to class, we sense a pain or challenge faced by each of them, perhaps at home or at school. It may range from not having enough money to buy food, to being bullied by peers, to failing a subject at school. If these issues aren't addressed appropriately, they may lead to negative and limiting beliefs that would affect their future. 


We would like to bring these students to watch Lee Chong Wei: Rise of the Legend. We feel this movie is ideal and relatable for the students because it begins with Dato' Wira Lee Chong Wei's struggles since childhood. Since early on, he had put a mindset to become World Number 1 in badminton, defying everyone who thought it was impossible. 

Target Beneficiary


Students from Tuisyen Sayang (Shah Alam and Kerinchi branches) who are from urban poor backgrounds.  Volunteer teachers at Tuisyen Sayang who continuously and tirelessly guide and inspire the students.


To inspire the students to dream big. To reward the students for their hard work during their studies. To strengthen the relationship between volunteer teachers and students.

Size and measurement

250 Tuisyen Sayang students, volunteers and supporters. 


The students will become more motivated to dream big. The students will be more focused on what they need to do to achieve their goals. To give them the hope to turn their own life around for the better.

How is it measured?

This project is part of a long term free tuition programme, Tuisyen Sayang. We can observe the impact through their attitude and motivation during class. 

Project Owner

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Projek Ihsan

Projek Ihsan is a collective initiative by volunteers consisting of students and young professionals, ready to grow together with the society by becoming an educational organisation that empowers children. Since it was founded in 2014, it has held various programmes alongside Tuisyen Sayang, such as English Camp, Explorace, JomRia, Girls' Camp, and Junior Volunteer Programme for the students. It also supports volunteers through programmes like Monthly Appreciation, PIE TEE (committee teambuilding), PI Connect, and Volunteer Training.

Project Needs

Type of help needed

Validation (awareness)
In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

RM 3000 - RM 10000

Describe Needs

In-kind contribution Transportation: from Shah Alam to Subang Parade (3 units) Funding Movie hall booking - RM 4,702 Popcorn set - RM 2,550 Transportation: from Kerinchi to Subang Parade (1 unit) - RM 700 Breakfast (150 pax) - RM 600 Lunch (150 pax) - RM 1,050 Administrative costs - RM 40 TOTAL = RM 9,642  
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM6,428 April 18, 2018
Peck Ling Ho RM558 April 18, 2018
Nur Hanis Ahmad Tarmizi RM150 April 18, 2018
ABDUL RAHMAN MOHAMAD RM2,506 April 17, 2018


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