National Investment Challenge Extravaganza (N.I.C.E.) 2018

N.I.C.E. 2018 is a 3 days 2 nights competition organized by Bursa Young Investor Club, BYIC UUM in order to prepare a platform for all students from public and private universities who are interested in investment to apply what they’ve learnt. In this program, participants will be introduced to critical stock research and analysis along with several stock simulation challenges. Besides, participants will also be exposed to news and updates about the globalized world that are full of challenges and opportunities through talks by professionals from the industry.

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Kedah, Malaysia

Project Owner

Nur Naziehah Binti Nahar Azli


Education: The rising cost of living today has made investment as one of the sectors youth and students venture in, apart from businesses. However, with the vast and limitless information accessible, they might fall into the wrong path and get cheated by the scammers.


This program is specially dedicated to expose the students with an in-depth knowledge on investment through active participation in investment related simulations and to educate them on the right way and the right stocks to invest in.

Target Beneficiary

Students from both public and private universities all over Malaysia

Size of the impact will be measured by the outcome of the stock simulation challenges. Competitions between the participants will determine how effective the sessions are, since the challenges are mainly to expose the participants with real- life economic situations.


1. Bursa Young Investor Club (BYIC) Universiti Utara Malaysia as the organizer of the event. 2. College of Business (COB) Universiti Utara Malaysia as the main supporter in providing the committees with suggestions and encouragement. 3. The committees of N.I.C.E. 2018 for working relentlessly day and night to make this program a reality.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 15000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Equipment Rental  500  500
 Food and Beverages  20 250  5000 
 Souvenirs (Plaque)  100 15  1500 
 Souvenirs (Button Badges)  2 250  500 
Honorarium for Guest Speakers 250  12  3000 
Honorarium for Invited Panelist 300  15  4500 
Total cost  15000
In kind contributions:  Collared T- shirts: 120 units Banners and Bunting: 2 units Laminated Name Tags: 120 units Food and Beverages (Breakfast): 150 units x 3 days = 450 units Food and Beverages (Lunch): 150 units x 3 days = 450 units Food and Beverages (Dinner): 150 units x 2 days = 300 units


The National Investment Challenge Extravaganza (N.I.C.E.) 2018 will be held from the 5th to 7th October 2018, with UUM being the host of the program. Involving participants from all over Malaysia requires support from the society. Hence, we humbly request anyone of the ability to contribute, to help us make this program a successful one.
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM10,000 August 03, 2018
Yi Qing Poh RM200 August 02, 2018
Emma Nazalia RM100 August 02, 2018
Izz Faris RM300 August 02, 2018
Chia Yee Tan RM1,000 August 01, 2018
Aiyun Farihin Zul Asrin RM200 July 31, 2018
Ch'ng Zi Wei RM200 July 31, 2018
Chiam Lee Hong RM200 July 31, 2018
Chia Yee Tan RM200 July 31, 2018
Muhamad Shazmeer RM250 July 31, 2018
Emma Nazalia RM750 July 31, 2018
Nur Shazlin RM200 July 31, 2018
Nahar Azli RM1,000 July 31, 2018
GOOI Soo Wen RM200 July 30, 2018
Wei Shan Thong RM200 July 30, 2018


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