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Kampong Senangit is located in an isolate and rural area of Malaysia, in RPS Kemar. In order to better serve the communities there, we would like to establish an English classroom for people to have access to education, with better facilities. Nowadays speaking English is a must to ensure communication, understandings and to maintain relationship with foreigners. Everybody should be able to have the opportunity to learn English and not being left behind. Together, let’s make it happen!

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Mohamad Affendi Bin Along


As a rural area, communities in RPS Kemar do not have many facilities. The roads are in bad conditions, significantly reducing their way of transportation. Since not every family possess motorbikes, many people are forced to walk hours to go from one place to another. Some villages are miles away from the only local school, meaning many people cannot go to school. There is a lack of education (high percentage of illiterate people from all ages). Not every villages have electricity access.


Since there is a lack of education, we took into consideration all problems listed above and came up with one solution: opening a new classroom in Kampung Senangit. Kampung Senangit is one the furthest villages in RPS Kemar, far from the local school. Having a classroom there will allow communities around to have better access to education and fight inequalities. More than 100 students are willing to join the classes.

Target Beneficiary

This project will impact the community itself as well as the surrounding communities. The new classroom will provide classes during weekend to reach out as many people as possible: children, youth, adults and housewives. We will provide English classes, adapted to all levels. Communities around will interact with each other by sharing a new activity all together, boosting the communities’ dynamics. More than English classes, we aim to empower people and build self-confidence. To learn a new language is a challenge but most of all: it helps people to believe in them as well as their self-capabilities.

More than equipping a new village with a new classroom, we want to equip this classroom with electricity to give opportunity the communities around to have access to computers (not internet, just computers skills). The impact will be unprecedented for kampong Senangit: Having a new fully equipped class with electricity, Hundreds of people having access to education, learning English Being for the first time in the spotlight and not in the shadow, Build stronger relationship with communities around and not feeling underprivileged anymore.


The list of supporters is including all communities’ members in RPS Kemar: Villagers from Kampung katong, Kampung senangit, Kampung Lerlar, Kampung Rantau and many others.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 2000

Describe Needs

The funds will be used to provide our classroom with electricity as well as the material needed to ensure a quality learning environment and equipment. Here is our financial plan: 
Description Amount
Electricity cable : Lights & Light bulb (to connect the center with the nearest electricity spot) RM 420
2 whiteboard RM 340
Extension cables RM 80
Wall plug RM 40
Multi plug RM 180
2 Bicycle (for the 2 teachers to go to Kampung Senangit to deliver the classes) RM 560
2 Lockers (to stock the computers): 200RM  RM 200
Additional furnitures (Markers, dusters, pencils + colored pencils, notebooks…)  RM180 RM 180
Total Amount RM 2000
The sooner we get the funding needed to equip the new classroom, the sooner we can start.
Name Donate Amount Date
Suriyati Kasim RM2,000 June 02, 2018


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