PartiCPate: Adaptive Dikir Barat

Title : partiCPate : Adaptive Dikir Barat Duration: Objectives: 1. Provide opportunity for individuals with cp to participate in cultural performances as a way to empower them 2. Enable individuals with cp to showcase talent 3. A fun way to promote inclusion within Malaysian society

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The Project

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Kuala Lumpur


• Lack of opportunities for children with physical disabilities, namely cerebral palsy to contribute and participate in the community. • No accessible community space and equipment to enable the programme. • Lack of awareness and knowledge in society about cp and what people with cp can do which in turn results in low confidence of parents and caregivers toward their own children • Social stigma that the disabled are incapable of contributing towards the community.


• Form a cultural performance group consisting of individuals with cp, and adapting to their capabilities o Have a regular trainer/instructor o Weekly sessions • Find a permanent place to be used on a regular basis and to acquire adaptive musical instruments. • Perform at public events and on media

Target Beneficiary

• Individuals with cp age from 4-40 years old • Families and caregivers • The community To overcome the problems listed above

Impact Parameters

Number of regular participants Testimonials from families Response from the community

Project Endorsement


Organiser – promoting and arranging the sessions Trainer (Mastura Mahamed) – training the participants Parents – committing to regular sessions

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 9,000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Trainer’s fee 100 24 sessions 2400
Costumes 50 25 kids 1250
Space rentals 800 6 monts 4800
 Musical instruments 550 1 set  550
Total cost 9,000


August 2018 : Programme promotion and registration (need: promotional materials on FB page) September – November 2018: Phase One training and familiarisation sessions for participants (need: space, trainer, instruments) December 2018: Performance (need: costumes) January – February 2019 : Pahse Two fIne-tuning the trainings (need: space, trainer)
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM6,000 August 28, 2018
gaps malaysia RM1,500 August 28, 2018
iman shaiful RM600 August 27, 2018
Kama Zahida Idris RM50 August 23, 2018
zarina wan RM180 August 22, 2018
Norfazilawati Abd Wahab RM350 August 21, 2018
Hasnadi Supathir RM100 August 15, 2018
Wan Intan syafinas Mior Abdullah RM50 August 15, 2018
Manjula A RM100 August 15, 2018
mastura mahamed RM20 August 13, 2018
RAFIDAH AHMAD RM50 July 04, 2018


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