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We are a group of students from New Era University College. We want to have an activity in a animal barrack. As we know that there is many homeless animals ,such as dogs and cats are nomadic everywhere. They are so pity. Our group are going to a animal barrack and help the manager to clean up the places because the place is quite broad and need some people to help them to clean it. We also need some budget to buy some fodder for the animals. We hope that our project can help the animals to have a better place to live. From these project, we also can learn to be independent. Thank you.

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The Project

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Tung Man Yee




There are many homeless animals are nomadic everywhere. Some people will send the homeless animals to a animals barrack. we can see that the animal barrack is dirty and hard to cleanup when there are just one staff. Some of the animal barrack is also lack of money to buy some fodder to the animals.


We will go to a animal barrack to help the manager to cleanup the place so that the animals can live in a more comfortable situation. We also will try to find some people to donate some money to the institution to buy some fodder to the animals.

Target Beneficiary

Students who involve in this project can learn to be independent and the teamwork spirit. We also can lower the institution’s burden, because we can help them to cleanup the animals shelter. As we have make a clean and beautiful animal barrack, the citizens can send the stray dog to there so that the stray dog along the roadside will become lesser.

Impact Parameters

in a city or a village.

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Project Needs

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Project Cost

RM 400

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 fodder 40 5 200
paint 40 2 80
paint brush 12 10 120
Total cost 400


From 23.06.2018 until 22.07.2018


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