Pottery and ceramic workshop for seniors and those who are interested.

This would be a pilot workshop to offer those interested in pottery and ceramic making an opportunity to learn and be involved in the craft.

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The Project

Project Owner

Shamuni Kunjiapu




Many people want to learn pottery and ceramic making. For some, it is a new craft that could be turned into a business. Among them are those who see such a business as a social enterprise whereby the proceeds could go towards worthy causes. For others, it is to enrich their lives, either as a hobby or for many seniors to help pass their time. By joining such a workshop, social networks could also be developed. Finally, there are those especially seniors who see pottery and ceramic making as a therapeutic activity such as relieving stress or arthritis problems. But such pottery and ceramic classes are not easily or conveniently available.


New Era University College has a specially designated workshop with equipment and other facilities for pottery and ceramic making. The workshop runs classes for students at NEUC who takes pottery and ceramic making as an elective subject. There are qualified teachers running those courses. NEUC is conveniently located, being just walking distance from the last MRT station. Thus, thoseliving anywhere in the Klang Valley can reach NEUC by the MRT. In addition, the same MRT station is also a stop for the KTM line. NEUC’s workshop, facilities, and teachers could be used to introduce proposed pottery and ceramic courses.

Target Beneficiary

A new skill for the needy and underprivileged that they could use to help start a small enterprise to support or improve their position. (b) Those in social enterprize groups who could use pottery and ceramic making to support their activities. (c) Those who want to be engaged in an enrichment educational program (d) Senior seniors who could spend their leisure in pottery and ceramic making classes and to develop social networks. (e) For those who need the course for therapeutic reasons.

Impact Parameters

Funding for the pottery and ceramic making workshop project will enable NEUC’s Centre for Professional and Personal Development to offer the pottery and ceramic workshops to those who need the course at very affordable fee. The proposed workshop will serve to promote the course to a wider reach of interested participants.

Project Endorsement


The supporters will be those interested in pottery and ceramic making. Other than that, the management of New Era University College is keen that the project succeed. The management members include the Vice-chancellor Dr Mok Soon Cong, and the two deputy Vice-chancellors Prof Voon Phin Keong and Prof Lee Kam Hing

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 10,000.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Consultation and Tuitions Fees 100 60 6000
Clay 20 60 1200
Refreshments 20 60 1200
Management & Marketing 1600 1 1600
Total cost 10000


The course will start in November 2018 and runs for 3 months until January 2019.


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