SK Bungai Empowerment Project

SK Bungai Empowerment Project is aimed at uplifting the children, teachers and the larger Kampung Bungai community. With this project, we are hoping to discover the best approach/methodology in helping sub-urban and rural primary schools in Sarawak to help transform children into active learners who understands learning beyond just the context of the classroom. We believe that if we are able nurture interested learners, good grades and active participation in co-curricular and sports would be a given. The programme will be designed and mapped in consultation with the school leaders.

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Sarawak, Malaysia


The students (85 in total from pre-school to standard 6) in SK Bungai, a small fishing village school about an hour's drive from Miri City, are low in self-confidence and lack aspiration in achieving their best in their studies, co-curricular activities and sports. With the support of the school leaders, we would like to work on raising the confidence level of the students by giving them access to new ways of learning, provide the necessary exposure and tools they need and show them the relevance of school/life-long learning to their daily lives and their future.


Objectives: 1. Raise aspiration level of the kids 2. Equip teachers 3. Create a system for which the above two goals can sustain in the school How: 1. Transform the kids into superhero’s through the “I Can” programme 2. Work With teachers to identify gap areas and equip them - skills and tools. 3.1. Train them to sustain the “I Can” programme 3.2. Develop a method/system for schools and teachers to practice resourcefulness Outcomes: 1. Successful projects and superhero stories 2. Gaps identified w solutions implemented 3 System created and working well - gaps and needs reduced or met

Target Beneficiary

This project will directly impact the children and teachers of SK Bungai with a spill-over impact to the community in the long-run. To achieve this, we will need to address sustainability and map that into the project plan.


The word 'size' is in itself a tricky term when it comes to impact measurement. So if we are to define impact in terms of 'size', the project's impact can be measured in two ways - 1. the short-term immediate achievements based on the goals and outcomes set for the project as outlined, 2. the long-term impact it has on the school, the children and the community. With the later, the size of the impact would be significant as lives for the families and the kampung community can be transformed with the creation of conscious, motivated and successful learners.


1. Chumbaka - Penang-based social enterprise focussed on building life skills through STEM-tech education: content and expertise 2. MDeC - Government agency championing #mydigitalmaker: support and pathway for further development opportunity 3. Pustaka Sarawak - State library of Sarawak under which sits Pustaka Miri: community builder 4. Students organisations in Curtin Sarawak: community builder 5. Other relevant stakeholders (corporate and NGOs) and subject matter experts: contributors - content, expertise, collaborators

Project Needs

Type of help needed

In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

RM3000 - RM 10000

Describe Needs

Here are some possible in-kind contribution: 1. Used laptops that are still functioning 2. Upgrading and uplifting work to the school infrastructure - transforming learning spaces 3. Fun learning tools 4. Project volunteers - facilitators, expert trainers, collaborators, community builders

Use of Funds

The funds raised will help in: 1. The running of the 'I Can' programme 2. Resources as identified and deemed necessary by the project team 3. Training of teachers and development of methodology for easy implementation in other schools


6 - 8 months completion period. To achieve this, a comprehensive plan based on the three goals set is to be developed an executed.

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