Solar Energy For A Rural School in Beaufort, Sabah!

This beautiful school in rural Sabah is almost perfect- let’s give them (solar) electricity to they can learn more!

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Sabah, Malaysia

Project Owner

Aaron Edwards


This school has no electricity. Basic operations in the school are hampered, such as printing documents or accessing learning materials; running community activities in the school after sunset (no light); or providing basic comfort during the day (no fans!). The school also has a few laptops that can’t be used much as there is no way to charge them. Teachers and students can’t communicate with the outside world once their phone battery has died.


With funding, renewable energy infrastructure could be added to the very basic system we have recently installed. To provide a reliable power supply that can impact the students, additional solar panels and batteries are needed. The students in this school are now learning how to use the internet to share their story to the world, and they are in charge of this fundraising campaign. If they are successful, they will feel greatly encouraged and empowered to play an active role in their community and they will understand that they have the ability to make a difference

Target Beneficiary

The students in this school are marginalised and considered “out-of-school” youth. Somehow, they fell outside the system. Yet, they have big dreams and lots of talent! Let’s help to give them a better chance to achieve their goals.

1) The number of students at the school (direct beneficiaries) 2) The number of teachers at the school (direct beneficiaries) 3) The list of activities that can happen once the school has a power supply, and what kind of positive secondary impact those may bring


1. Persatuan Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak Matakana Pantai Barat Sabah 2. Persatuan Gaya Hidup Lestari Biji-biji 3. UNICEF

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 74,990

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
  Solar Panels 1300   8 10400
 100ah 12V Deep Cycle Batteries 2350 6 14100 
  Inverter  2000  1 2000
Charge Controller (60A) 1800 1 1800
240v Electrical Circuit 3000 1 3000
Installation & Technical Training 10,000 1 10,000
 Annual Maintenance (3 times)  1950  3 5850
Ceiling Fans 680 3 2040
Plumbing 4000 1 4000
Fencing 4800 1 4800
Chromebooks 1500  12,000 
2 Year Mobile Internet Connectivity 5000 1 5000
Total cost  74,990


Early June 2018 – Install Solar Infrastructure and improve classrooms Late June 2018 – Technical (maintenance) training, fencing
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM49,948 July 05, 2018
intan majid RM10 July 03, 2018
Biji-biji Initiative RM3,950 June 30, 2018
Jagjit Kaur RM50 June 29, 2018
Matakana Teachers and students collection RM200 June 29, 2018
Me.reka Makerspace RM5,000 June 29, 2018
Kean Fui Chin RM50 June 28, 2018
Chumbaka Sdn Bhd RM5,000 June 28, 2018
Fitri's Collection RM15 June 28, 2018
Zainal Rivai RM4,000 June 28, 2018
Zainal Rivai RM5,000 June 27, 2018
Matakana Parents' Collective RM222 June 27, 2018
SIEW MANG YEE RM200 June 27, 2018
Goh Sock Eng RM50 June 27, 2018
Tam Jia Tern RM50 June 27, 2018
Mr John Tham RM300 June 27, 2018
Siti Balqish Ab. Aziz RM5 June 23, 2018
Jonathan Goh Zhen Ee RM50 June 21, 2018
Amer Shaari RM5 June 21, 2018
Goh Sock Ting RM100 June 21, 2018
Puvaneswary S selvadurai RM5 June 21, 2018
Khai Yee Ng RM5 June 20, 2018
Ana Alisaputri RM5 June 19, 2018
Cristabel Tan RM100 June 19, 2018
Daryll Tan RM50 June 19, 2018
Muhammad Bin Ahmad RM200 June 18, 2018
Denise Wong RM30 June 18, 2018
Shuzytha Bidder RM5 June 16, 2018
Stephen Law RM100 June 15, 2018
Surendran Armugam RM100 June 11, 2018
Romi, Ausang Mel, Mariam RM8 June 11, 2018
Affendy Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Rasima, Mukrid, Hanbalo Samsuria,, Juwal RM8 June 11, 2018
Herni Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Zimidah Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Nenek Memei RM5 June 11, 2018
Elluzana Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Sukarai Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Minti Yustin,Maslinda, Notmah Anna, Siti Diam, Jumiati, RM13 June 11, 2018
Maria, Dentus, Tina dan Anjelina RM5 June 11, 2018
Zainal Rivai RM10 June 11, 2018
Siti Alimah RM5 June 11, 2018
Afzan Ismail, Nur Aimi dan Setiah RM8 June 11, 2018
Nurdin Usman, Remalah Bt Ali dan Nuramin Abdullah RM15 June 11, 2018
Mohd Sukri, Jems Usi, Pius Sius Roy, Ahmad dan Nubar RM18 June 11, 2018
Raymon Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Rasidin Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Salama Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Andy Beaufort RM10 June 11, 2018
Betty John RM5 June 11, 2018
Siti Beaufort RM10 June 11, 2018
Raymon Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Icang Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Rasidin Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Asnawi Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018
Jefri Beaufort RM5 June 11, 2018

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  1. Zoe Victoria
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Interesting!! Can’t believe some schools still don’t have power!

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