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Speak Up project with the vision of “Every Malaysian youth is built with confidence to speak to the world.” is being organized in primary or secondary schools to build confidence of Malaysian students in speaking English.

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The Project

Project Owner

Chong Yong Ren




English literacy rate 1. Students low confidence in speaking English. 2. Students rate English as their second weaker subject. 3. The gap between of privilege and underserved students in the English education.


Speak Up project is being organized for six (6) weeks in primary or secondary schools in a flow from Week 1 to Week 6 to ensure sustainable impacts – “They Know”, “They Care”, “They Do” and “They Influence”. Throughout the six (6) weeks, the students will be facilitated by the volunteers from other countries which have been carefully chosen through the interviews. Part of the additional value from the volunteers is that they are speaking in English and they can draw students attention and be a role model for the students. Phase 1 – “They Know” & Phase 2 – “They Care” We organize workshops which last for about four (4) to five (5) weeks consist of about a class of students to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of speaking English and there are also some activities being held in the workshops to help to build their confidence in speaking English. Phase 3 – “They Do” Where students and the volunteers have a discussion and plan some sustainable activities to run in the schools after six (6) weeks after the project ended. Phase 4 – “They Influence” Through the experience that the students gained in the workshop, they organize the activities planned to encourage more friends to join and to speak English. In Speak Up project, we do not target a big group of students. Instead, we target a small group of students to make sure that they are impacted and 2 What Solution are you providing to the problem?finally to impact more peers and create a ripple effect.

Target Beneficiary

Primary and secondary school students. They are targetted because they start learning to read and speak English early in primary and secondary education. Besides, students are able to easily influence their peer to do something together.

Impact Parameters

– students participated in the project. – Video recording of students speaking English before and after the workshops. – students taking the initiative to speak English in class after the project ended. – students participated in the initiative initiated by the students after the project ended.

Project Endorsement


Teach For Malaysia: Teach For Malaysia is an non-profit organisation that uphold the same vision and mission with Speak Up project which is to provide quality education to students and those who needed through providing practical experience and direct impact to the community. Teach For Malaysia provide sessions such as Train the Trainers for our volunteers so that they can be well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills during this period before engagement with public

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost


Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 Transportation  10 1032 10320
 Project management 150 11 1650
 Training  50 344 17200
 Materials and resources 20 44  880
 Project incentive 250 22 5500
 Workshop 50 44 2200
 School engagements and external relations 150 11  1650
Total cost  39400


By 31st October 2018: – 1320 students – 44 schools – 100% students involved in poject are able to speak English confidently – Improve confidence level of students in speaking English – Students influence peers to speak English – 70% of the students in the school are able to speak English confidently – 50% of the schools run long term activities – Consistant activities happening to impact more students


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