Stationery for Rural Poor Kids in 3 Villages in Sandakan, Sabah

Every child deserves to have an education. This is to ensure that they have the necessary guidance in moral values and they are empowered with the necessary knowledge so that they can have a good future. There are, however, a group of children which are facing difficulties in getting good education due to poverty. Their parents have difficulties in putting food on the plates let alone to let their children to go to school. Yes, the education is free but the writing books and stationery are not. They have to buy them. This project is to provide them with such items.

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Sabah, Malaysia

Project Owner

Chua Boon Kuang


There are 98 students in different villages which need new stationery and books for them. They are from the rural poor families. Even though that they are poor, their determination going to school is high. Providing extra teaching materials to them. This project is trying to raise funds in order to buy each child a set of stationery and writing books. They are now studying in the pre school in their villages.


Raising the funds of RM 3000 to buy the necessary items of stationery and writing books

Target Beneficiary

The 151 children in three different villages in Sandakan, Sabah. The names are Kampung Melayu, Kampung Kagayan and Kampung Melanta. All of them are primary school children.

Each child when they attend the class will be using the items that will be given to them.


Working hand in hand with MUST – Sandakan Muslim Volunteer Association. It is registered under ROS (PP08-12-17052017) Its mission is to provide education to the poor, uneducated children in Sandakan. They will buy the necessary stationery and writing books. Distribution is done by them

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 2515.40

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
 White Board  85.00  3 255.00 
 Marker pen  19.30  115.80
 Eraser  3.00  12.00
 Coloring books  6.00  146  876.00
Coloring set 2.00 146 292.00
Alat Bantuan Mengajar 15.90 12 190.80
Drawing book 3.60 146 525.60
Recycle Bag  1.70 146 248.20
Total cost 2515.40 


1st June 2018 is the delivery date. To achieve the estimate fund raising of RM 2515.40 before the end of May.
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM1,477 June 27, 2018
Prekash Raj RM18 June 26, 2018
Jennifer Chua RM410 June 26, 2018
MOHD NIZAM WAHID RM200 June 26, 2018
Pei Sze Lee RM50 June 24, 2018
Jennifer Chua RM100 June 18, 2018
Jennifer Chua RM100 June 18, 2018
Yuvarani Sukumaran RM10 June 12, 2018
Ida Hashim RM50 June 12, 2018
Shin Yau Yeam RM100 June 06, 2018


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