TCM Medical Check Up for the Needy

Objective: To provide an avenue for the underprivileged community to seek TCM treatment for their medical condition. To improve and take care of the physical wellbeing of the underprivileged groups especially those from old folks home or from underprivileged families. Target: Up to 1,248 beneficiaries from underprivileged families, urban poor families, and old folks home. Impact: With the health and physical wellbeing of these underprivileged families being taken care of, they will be able to be more productive and contribute back nor only to their family, but also to the economy and society.

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As the target group listed above often struggles to make ends need, especially those from the urban poor, they tend to neglect their health and focus more on earning money to survive and feed their family. Most would choose not to seek treatment even when in ill health due to the fear of spending money for the treatment or on medicines. The availability of a free treatment will at least provide them with a peace of mind when they fall ill, with the knowledge that they could seek treatment at GHCC via the program. Meanwhile, for those from old folks’ home, the program can provide an alternative treatment avenue to supplement the old folk’s western medicine treatment, if any, which will further improve or enhance their physical wellbeing.


We will provide free TCM Check Up sessions at our Great Heart Community Centre (GHCC) to cater to the target beneficiary. Our program will be run on every Tuesday and Wednesday at GHCC. The time for each session and the TCM Practitioners handling each session is as follow: Tuesday Time: 9.00am to 11.00am TCM Practitioner: Dr Yong Kai Jian Wednesday Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm TCM Practitioner: Dr Soh Shao Qi

Target Beneficiary

This program targets underprivileged families, urban poor families, and old folks home residents living around the Teluk Pulai and Klang area. With each session able to accommodate 12 beneficiaries seeking treatment, the physical wellbeing of up to 1,248 beneficiaries can be taken care of annually through this program. As this community is living within the vicinity of our community centre, it falls within our target service area. By being able to take care of the physical wellbeing of this community would also mean that they could continue to be employed and stay productive, which will then contribute back to the society and economy in the long run.

We will measure based on the total number of free treatments that we have provided from the program, as well as from the two TCM practitioner doctor's feedback on the health improvement of the beneficiaries undergoing treatment through this program.


Dr Yong Kai Jian Dr Yong graduated with first class honours at the Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Inti International University, Malaysia and completed his internship at the First Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of TCM, Jinan, China. He is a member of the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association (MCMA). Dr Yong serves as the Chinese physician for the program for every Tuesday. Dr Soh Shao Qi Dr Soh graduated with a Medical Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Xiamen University, China in 2005, and has been a Chinese physician at his own clinic located at Taman Sentosa, Klang. He is a member of the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Medicine Dealers Associations of Malaysia (FCPMDAM). Dr Soh serves as the Chinese physician for the program every Wednesday.

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Cost for project as below:
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Allowance for TCM Medical Practitioners (RM920 per month x 12 months) RM11,040.00
Medical Equipment and Medicine (RM500 per month x 12 months) RM6,000.00
Administrative Cost (RM300 per month x 12 months) RM3,600.00
Total RM20,640.00


This project is run on Wednesday and Friday, with a target of a minimum 72 sessions within a 12 months’ period, serving a minimum of 500 beneficiaries seeking free medical treatment through the program.
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