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This initiative aims to employ the principles and elements of photography to develop a student’s creativity and communication ability. Participants will first understand the concept of photography. Specifically, an understanding that while anyone can take a photo, it is a blank canvas for one to tell a story from one’s own unique and creative point of view. This then ties into developing a student’s awareness of the potentials of non-verbal communication.

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Johor, Malaysia

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Ngui Sui Yang


In the current school curriculum, it is observed that there is a lack of attention given to the visual dimension of arts. To name a few, this dimension encompasses art forms ranging from sculptures, drawing, painting, design, crafts, photography, video and architecture. Visual arts education is being taught the traditional way, mainly involving drawing or painting. This focuses on the product, and less on the thought and creation process that is critical in developing a child’s creativity. Shy of the curriculum taught in specialised art schools, there is also a lack of diversity in methodology to develop creativity. Besides that, it also is observed that other forms of art have subjectively higher barriers to entry.


This initiative proposes the use of photography to cultivate creative and communication competences within students. Students will undergo theoretical and practical workshops at the initial phase before they embark on a practical assignment where they are required to put that knowledge to use. In the final phase, students will be given the opportunity for self-expression by showcasing their work through an exhibition.

Target Beneficiary

Students from high need secondary schools in Pasir Gudang due to the lack of opportunity for self-expression.

The impact will be assessed by reviewing the final product, as well as interviewing and surveying the participants and teacher advisors about the development that they have observed over the course of the project. The main deliverable will be the student’s production of meaningful images, presented in the final exhibition by students.


Teach for Malaysia Teach for Malaysia has supported The Local Focal project by providing consultation and manpower ever since the birth of the project. It is an independent, non-profit organisation that aims to address education inequity through the transformation of exceptional Malaysian graduates and young professionals into effective, inspirational teachers and leaders by placing them in our country’s most challenging schools. Following the two-year Fellowship, Alumni would be equipped with the knowledge, skills and mindsets necessary to thrive as leaders in and out of the education sector, to affect the fundamental change required to ensure excellent educational opportunities for all Malaysian school children. Teach For Malaysia is governed by a Board of Trustees, which comprises of both corporate stewards and experienced educationists. The Board is in charge of determining the vision of the Teach For Malaysia Programme, driving its execution and sourcing for sponsorship from the private and public sectors.

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Project Cost

RM 4000

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Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
Workshop Catering 250  4 1000
Transportation 800 800
 Venues 1000 1000
Publicity Materials 300 1 300
Miscellaneous - Stationery, printing, doorgifts and certificates 900 1 900
Total cost  RM 4000


We planned to start the project in June 2018 (the mid-year school holiday)
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Actyvate RM2,666 May 28, 2018
Jia Qi Lee RM500 May 27, 2018
Pui Leng Leong RM334 May 27, 2018
Noel Nuo Er Ng RM500 May 27, 2018

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  1. Leong Pui Leng
    (verified owner):
    4 out of 5

    Ambitious teachers who are striving to promote photography as medium for self-expression amongst students from underperforming schools. Keep it up!

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