The Mini Repairman

The Mini Repairman is an initiative in conjunction with ‘The Band Lab’ —Kuching’s inaugural one-year community Wind Band Outreach and Experimental Program with the vision of providing highly affordable and quality music education to the Youths of the community. With the same vision, The Mini Repairman seeks to educate, assist, and provide low and affordable instrumental repairs to community Bands around the region.

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The Project

Project Owner

Siew Heng Jie




Band Programs have been increasing in numbers all over Sarawak and while many have embraced the benefits that an effective Band Program can bring, the majority still struggle with the technical know-how and exorbitant prices involved in making basic repairs and maintaining their music instruments for several reasons: 1. The lack of market & resources, and therefore the exorbitant repair prices in Sarawak 2. The lack of resources and funding from schools and Government 3. The lack of appreciation and value given to the development of the Arts and co-curricular activities For music education to be effective, it must be continuous, sequential and developmental. Any hindrances brought about by a faulty instrument may threaten the interest and spark that was first ignited in a child’s heart for making music. Therefore, we aim to be the first initiative to provide such services in educating the public on basic maintenance that will save costs in the long run.


In order to achieve our goals, The Mini Repairman aims to do the following: 1. Provide Basic Instrument Repair Workshops at no profit to Kuching Youths aged 13 to 24 2. Engage in Band Exchanges around Sarawak while providing affordable, low-cost instrument repairs 3. Give old, repairable instruments a second chance of being used again Via these activities, Community Bands will be able to be more aware and appreciative of the value of their instruments, and other potential opportunities that the music scene can provide.

Target Beneficiary

Mainly secondary school students and young adults in community bands from ages 13 to 24 around Sarawak. However as this Project is heavily reliant on community support, individuals beyond the targeted age group are also welcomed to apply as volunteers, instructors or even guest players under our main initiative, The Band Lab.

Impact Parameters

This project involves and impacts the Sarawak Community in general, including the core participants and the involvement of Youths from various other Bands, Volunteers, Instructors, Music Teachers and the general public.

Project Endorsement


1. The Band Lab, Team of Instructors & Guest Players from all over Kuching – To provide Music Education in a Band Setting at no charge 2. The Miri Tutti Project, a statewide music awareness project – Provided low cost and affordable music education with some of the best musicians in Malaysia 3. Self Care Pharmacy, one of Kuching’s most prominent pharmacies – Funded the major refurbishment cost of the practice venue 4. Eden Atelier, Kuching’s leading interior design and build company – Managed the design and rebuilding works of the practice venue and repair workshop

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75,000.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Price/Unit (RM) Quantity Amount (RM)
Repair Workshop 25000 1 25000
Repair Tools and Machinery 4000 10 40000
Raw Materials 100 50 5000
Community Outreach Program 500 10 5000 
Total cost 75000


Start of April 2018 – Procurement of repair materials and tools & Team Meetings Start of May 2018 – Program Planning alongside The Band Lab June 2018 – Masterclasses by players of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra at the MiriTutti Camp July 2018 – Band Exchange and Repair in Sibu July to December 2018 – Band Repair initiatives around Kuching


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