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The Uniform Up is an initiative by the youth of the orang asli community in Paya Mengkuang. Striving to do our utmost best to counter poverty alleviation within the community, living among them are families who are experiencing financial burden whilst having to juggle between securing a job and taking care of their family members.

Notwithstanding the fact of being a minority group, thankfully it did not stop most of the parents from sending their kids to school as a well-developed education system is essential for their children. It has always been our mission to improve the lives of one other and reduce hardships faced within the Orang Asli village located in the middle of Malaysia.

We want to help the families of our community by getting 83 primary school uniforms for the kids.

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Many families in our Orang Asli community are struggling to pay monthly bills. Carrying the weight of uncertainties on their shoulders, they don’t have the luxury to spend money in the education of their children and simple things like a school uniform is not a priority for them. The damaging lack of basic necessities within the society must be addressed, we wish to equip the children – whom some did not even attend kindergarten, to be supplied with school uniforms so they can attend primary school and feel prepared to engage with their studies.


The solution is to provide school uniforms for 83 kids in our community. This will get them excited to attend school and build a better future for the community and themselves.

Target Beneficiary


Aged 7-14, they are relatively young and mostly in Level one. Targeted: 83 beneficiaries  Children – Primary School


Children who don't have new uniforms to start school would feel inferior and ashamed to stand amongst their fellow classmates. We want to bring dignity and empower the children of our community. Providing new uniforms will boost their confidence and motivation to go to school every day. 

Size and measurement

Targeted: 83 beneficiaries (Children)


We will get a team to be in charge of getting the apt size of the uniform design in accordance to each of every child’s physique, then manufacture and provide the primary school uniforms to them.

How is it measured?

Distribution is through the form of organizing a donation ceremony; a place where we will meet with the chief of the community and families to hand out all the uniforms. Hopefully this will inspire and also encourage more people to contribute to the community.

Project Needs

Type of help needed

Validation (awareness)
In-Kind Contribution

Project Cost

Below RM 3000

Describe Needs

My future plan:
  • To supply uniforms to our targeted community
  • Conduct basic English classes for the community
  • Create an event with the community; potentially a cooking workshop or movie night
Name Donate Amount Date
Tan Leng RM20 April 02, 2018
Sanji Yeong RM55 April 06, 2018
Sally Huen RM30 April 01, 2018
Nurrania Hanani RM20 April 01, 2018
Nurul Asnira RM35 March 31, 2018
Nar Basran RM65 March 31, 2018
Meilisa Yu Qian RM15 April 06, 2018
Khairiyah Ismail RM25 March 29, 2018
Aben Halim RM40 March 29, 2018
Addul Qader RM20 March 27, 2018
Fitry Mieyz RM10 March 25, 2018
Azman Yzan RM20 March 24, 2018
Julia Naim RM15 March 23, 2018
Amiza Menon RM10 March 23, 2018
Arina Binti RM5 March 22, 2018
Daniel Chang RM5 April 06, 2018
Anna Yahya RM5 March 28, 2018
Hanisah Syan RM5 April 01, 2018
Izzaty Lamar RM50 April 06, 2018
Aiman Shaima RM50 April 04, 2018
Fahzar Aman RM50 April 06, 2018
Aishah Smith RM50 April 06, 2018
Sarah Wong RM50 April 06, 2018
John Sinclair RM50 April 06, 2018
Thanuja Lian RM100 April 06, 2018
Yassin Amir RM245 April 05, 2018
Samuel Santana RM200 April 03, 2018


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