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The idea of the Wish & Donate Celebrity Mobile App Crowdfunding project was mooted by En Fahrin Ahmad, one of the Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporters (RRCS) of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF). RRCS unite on the fight stop stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. They also assist in raising funds to expand the Foundation’s treatment, care and support programmes, particularly for women, single mothers and children living with HIV. Through this mobile app, the RRCS can develop, customise and boost their own personal crowdfunding campaigns targeting their fan base.

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Fahrin Bin Ahmad


Given the current economic climate, it is no longer viable for us to depend on government and corporate grants as well as donations. Now, more NGOs are going in the direction of projects than can generate sustainable income instead of sourcing for donations to continue their existing treatment, care and support programmes. The MAF spends up to RM3 Million per year on treatment, care and support programmes with funds received from government and corporate bodies and through its own fundraising activities. These programmes include financial assistance schemes for children and adolescents infected and/or affected by HIV and the PAL Scheme, formerly known as the Medicine Assistance Scheme, to provide access to life-saving second line anti-retroviral treatment to underprivileged Malaysians living with HIV; as well as community-based HIV & AIDS education, prevention, treatment, care and support programmes nationwide. However of late, funding, especially from the government, is declining but we still need to continue and expand our assistance programmes. As such, this project creates a platform for our local celebrities to champion their social cause to create an income-generating donation. This will not only enable us to sustain our existing projects but also further expand them so that we can reach out to as many people living with HIV as possible with health services, care and compassion which will improve their quality of life and enable them to contribute positively back to society.


We will design a customised mobile app for RRCS such as Fahrin Ahmad, Dayang Nurfaizah, Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira, Bob Yusoff and Dato' Aaron Aziz. With over 4 million followers, these RRCS have the drive, passion and capacity to run charitable crowd funding projects for their fans such as personalised birthday or congratulatory wishes, social media image posts and messages where a fee will be charged for the service. A portion of the fee will be donated to the MAF to expand its Medicine Assistance Scheme, also known as PAL Scheme, and the Paediatric AIDS Fund. This mobile app will be designed by professionals to ensure its stability in connecting the celebrities and their fans more closely. We will be harnessing the power of social media in not only creating meaningful engagements between the RRCS and their fan base but also providing a platform for both the RRCS and their fans/followers to effect social change with tangible and quantifiable outcomes.

Target Beneficiary

For the first phase, the main target are the underprivileged community living with HIV particularly women and children who face marginalisation as a result of society's prejudices, negative perception and discrimination due to their HIV status. Stigma and discrimination prevent them from leading a normal life, regardless whether it is at work, business, education, access to treatment and support programmes. These are the two areas that MAF would like to expand in terms of support services: 1. PAEDIATRIC AIDS FUND (PAF) This is MAF’s oldest and continuous running treatment, care and support programme. It started because of the vulnerability of children living with or affected by HIV due to stigma and discrimination. It is also meant to alleviate the socio-economic impact of living with HIV and ensure that the quality of lives of these children are improved. Since its inception, 100 beneficiaries throughout the country have received monthly financial aid of RM100 to cover the basic household and schooling needs of the beneficiaries aged between 0 and 12 years old. To date, MAF has spent RM2M on this programme. 2) PAL Scheme The PAL Scheme is a medicine assistance scheme under the MAF that offers second-line antiretroviral medicine every other month to its beneficiaries with a combined household monthly income of less than RM2,000. Initiated in 1998, the scheme provides underprivileged Malaysians living with HIV/AIDS the opportunity to undergo antiretroviral treatment with the primary objective of helping them to prolong and improve their quality of life. We currently have 95 beneficiaries under the scheme. The funds are meant for the purchase of medication for these patients which range between RM700 and RM2,000 per month depending on the types of drugs e.g Kaletra, Darunavir, Retonavir, Crixivan, Invirase, to name a few. To date, the MAF has spent RM3M to sponsor these beneficiaries. There are many more on the waiting list which we can only accommodate with the increase in funding from donors.

The impact in terms of campaign awareness and crowd funding/fundraising is great based on the number of followers in the respective celebrities' social media. Through this mobile app, which will be shared by every RRCS in their Facebook or Instagram, we can reach out to more than 5 million users. Estimated 5% = 250K from RM5 million users will register in this apps.


The Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporter Programme (RRCS) is a signature advocacy initiative by the Malaysian AIDS Council & Malaysian AIDS Foundation that was created to increase our appeal to a wider audience through celebrity endorsement. Launched in August 2009, the RRCS was also designed to complement our National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS, whereby the council plans to advocate for a supportive environment to address the issue on stigma and discrimination. Representing the diverse ethnic backgrounds that reflects the spirit of unity of this country, these celebrities are also considered leaders by their peers in their respective fields of music, film & television and the media. Their involvement is purely on voluntary basis and they have pledged to give their full commitment to the cause in their free time. The selection of the Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporters is based on their popularity especially among the rural fan base, particularly in the east coastal states of Kelantan and Terengganu, Johor and Kedah. At present, 20 well-known local celebrities have pledged their voluntary support to the RRCS. 1. Fahrin Ahmad 2. Dato' Aaron Aziz 3. Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza 4. Dayang Nurfaizah 5. Ziana Zain 6. Erra Fazira 7. Datin Seri Umie Aida 8. Najwa Latif 9. Kaka Azraff 10. Hafiz Hamidun 11. Bob Yusof 12. Owen Yap 13. JoeyG 14. Patricia K 15. Winnie K 16. Shah Shamshiri 17. Dee 18. Aanantha 19. Uthaya 20. Dato’ Chef Ismail This mobile app will provide a platform for these RRCS to raise funds for the MAF in expanding its Paediatric AIDS Fund and Medicine Assistance Scheme.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

Below RM 75000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:
Description Cost
Apps Design & Development, inclusive of Apps Developer & Designer Fee, IOS Apps Development, Android Apps Development and Mobile Apps Development.  RM 50 000
Bank Charges for Malaysian Payment Gateway to set up online credit card as well as Internet banking e-Commerce system.  RM 5000
Marketing and Advertisement fee.  RM 5000
 Administration cost which includes the coordinator’s monthly allowance as well other administration fee such as licensing, legal and etc.  RM 15000
Total   RM 75 000


It is estimated that the project will be start in 5 to 6 months taking into account the time required by the Apps Developer for development, programming and strategy. The idea and the Mobile Apps have been legally patented.
Name Donate Amount Date
Actyvate RM50,000 June 26, 2018
Jasmin Jalil RM5,000 June 25, 2018
Jasmin Jalil RM5,000 June 25, 2018
Jasmin Jalil RM5,000 June 25, 2018
Jasmin Jalil RM5,000 June 25, 2018
Jasmin Jalil RM5,000 June 25, 2018


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