XMUM Global Village 2018

Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) is the first ever overseas campus set up by a distinguished Chinese university. The Malaysian campus aspires to achieve a distinct global outlook by providing quality tertiary education to an impressive amount of international students. The main purpose of the XMUM Global Village 2018 is to encourage interaction between students of different nationalities and to improve the cross-cultural communication among youngsters. The XMUM Global Village 2018 will take place over a span of two days, providing an occasion for students of various nationalities to showcase.

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Ooi Thian Hooi


Funding issues within a tight project schedule.


We are currently seeking for sponsorship by selling ads which will be published in the limited edition booklet designed specifically for this event.

Target Beneficiary

This project aims to create a platform for the international students in Xiamen University Malaysia to interact and communicate more with the local students by showcasing their cultural background in their country. This will encourage XMUM students to learn more about the different cultures from different countries. Besides, this event allows the board of committee to enhance their leadership skill, communication skills and stimulate teamwork. Apart from that, we also encourage students in Xiamen University Malaysia to participate the Global Volunteer program under AIESEC in order to learn more about cross-cultural communication.

If this event is a success, the public will know more about Xiamen University Malaysia. Not only that, this will also leave a good impressions to the public including other countries that we have an ideal study environment. The international students will also be able to get to know more friends and have a more comfortable study environment. This will also allow the local students to learn more about the culture of the other countries. Thus, this event is essential in building a harmonious study environment and to promote XMUM to the public.


Mr. Potter Ka Kai Fong, who is the assistant manager for the Xiamen University Malaysia campus Student Extra Curricular Activities. He will be guiding us for the project organising and within his capacity as one of the Actyvator of this platform. I am sure his guidance and advice will ensure the successful of this project. Youth Leader Association (YLA), which is the club of the year of 2017, aims to provide platforms for youths to develop their leadership skills and sharpen their communication skills. Hence, YLA is fully supporting the organizer, Youth in Action (YIA) throughout the whole event. YLA will be assigning a few members to join the board of committee to plan and organize the whole event. Xiamen University Malaysia Business Association (XMBA) is a business-oriented club for the students of all major. This event is very helpful for understanding the difference between cultures which stands a very significant factor in the business world. As understanding the cultures among us, we can have a better communication with people. Thus, our club as a supporter had provided fully support by sending members to become committees in this event so that we can all contribute in this meaningful event.

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 Stamp  15 28 420
Total cost  8675


The exact dates for the delivery of the project are on 27th and 28th of June. We hope that the international students in Xiamen University Malaysia will involve in more university level activities and promote cultural diversity in Xiamen University Malaysia. To achieve it, we had gathered all international students who are studying in our university to share their own cultural experience in their country. During the days of event, we will have an exhibition of the countries’ information and also some booths of game handled by the international students to let the students enjoy more.
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Actyvate RM5,675 June 04, 2018
ZHEN XIN PHUANG RM3,000 June 02, 2018


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