Computer-Assisted Learning for B40 Communities

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Short Description

Hands for Education is an independent student initiative which aims to help underprivileged students excel academically and grow holistically through peer-to-peer mentoring sessions. We aim to help students from low-income families, living in low-cost flats in the Kota Damansara area by connecting them with other high-achieving students from other schools. The computer-assisted learning project will further our main objective which is to guide the students to academic excellence through technology

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The Project

Project Owner

Phang Fatt Kong




The root problem we have identified is the mindsets of the students living in the PPR flats towards education. They show very little interest in learning and are not motivated to improve in their studies. Students also have very different levels of learning ability. By adopting computer-assisted-learning (CAL), we are able to use technology to deliver the lessons more creatively. CAL will also enable teachers to cope with the different levels of learning and remove the pressure from students having to keep up with the “faster” students in the class and give them the opportunity to learn at their own pace. CAL learning will give familiarity to technology and will make it easier for the to learn application packages on the regular PC which will help them as they go for college studies or when they need to work in an office. Almost every industry heavily depends on technology and therefore, there is a high demand for workers with IT skills. If the kids are never exposed to technology, they will be left behind. It becomes very difficult for them to integrate into society and find a stable, skilled job.


We plan to incorporate technology into the learning and teaching process, making technology more accessible and learning more enjoyable. We plan on purchasing 15 iPads to teach the students core subjects and prepare them for exams. They will become more exposed to technology and obtain wholly new and necessary skills that they would not be possible without this project.
Target Beneficiary

Target Beneficiary

Our target beneficiaries are the underprivileged students living in the PPR flats, Kota Damansara. This community, in particular, suffers due to urban poverty and the lack of urgency or initiative to help them. These areas are also very marginalised and are disconnected from the rest of society. They fall behind as the rest of Malaysia rapidly develops. There seems to be an assumption that everyone lives comfortable and stable lives in the city, but this is far from the truth. We want to help the disadvantaged in the most effective way, guiding and teaching them with technology from a young age. We believe this will result in more people grabbing the opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle.
Using iPads will also enable our classes to be replicable as the 15 iPads is light and transportable and we are able to utilise it in different locations instead of being tied down to a computer laboratory.

Impact Parameters

1 – Number of students that attend our classes
2 – Quality of assignments passed up by students
3 – Improvement in school examination results
4 – Ability to replicate to at least one new community, as ipads are easily transported resulting in mobile computer labs that will serve more B40 communities

Project Endorsement


Friends of Kota Damansara. Friends of Kota Damansara is our community partner. They have helped immensely in communication with the residents and setting up what we need for our program. They will also provide academicians that will help us craft our teaching pedagogy .

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 74,890.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
iPad Covers100151500
Ipad Keyboards150152250
Internet broadband200122400
Teaching 5000420,000 
Air Condition250025,000
Total cost74,890


1st August 2018 – Acquire 15 iPads & Course Work Preparation
1st September 2018 – commencement of weekly classes
1st March 2019 – Replicate to one new community, weekly classes
31st July 2019 – Project End

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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