Discover Muaythai Academy Batch 3 2018

Focus Area

Community Development

Short Description

Discover Muaythai Academy “Birth of a Hero”
It is first and foremost, a Social Business initiative for underprivileged and at-risk youths to lead a life of dignity and independence by developing character and positive values through Muaythai. Selected youth from marginalised backgrounds will undergo an intensive 2-month development programme where they will learn fundamental values in life such as discipline, respect, self-confidence, resilience, leadership and care. While developing both hard and soft skills we, target to directly impact 120 young people over the next 2 years

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The Project

Project Owner

Mohd Sanul Bin John Tendahal @ Stephen




As an emerging industry, and the increasing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts MMA, Muaythai has contributed tremendously to tourism, as foreigners are increasingly coming to our shores, aside from Thailand, to become trainees. While we have established local gyms with global recognition, the potential to grow the sector is immense especially as non‐fighters also find Muaythai extremely rewarding for their fitness and well‐being. This presents the opportunity to develop a strong talent pool for the Muaythai industry.
Together with our strategic partners, youths will be exposed to hands‐on training and practical knowledge that will enhance their chances of getting productive and sustainable income as Muaythai Practitioners or employees. Discover Muaythai provides a strict routine of volunteering work, engagement opportunities with our corporate/non corporate partners and clients, and co‐facilitation experience in team building.

Ensuring that youths are able to channel any deep‐rooted aggression or negative energy into more positive and practical endeavours.


The Solution
Selected youth from marginalised backgrounds will undergo an intensive 2-month development programme where they will learn fundamental values in life such as discipline, respect, self-confidence, resilience, leadership and care.
1) Batch 1 2015 – 8 Pax DONE
2) Batch 2 2016 – 8 Pax DONE
3) Bacth 3 2018 – 12 Pax ( Starting In October – DEC 2018)

Target Beneficiary

1)Youth between the ages of 16 – 25 years old
2)Unemployed youth
3)School drop out
4)SPM leavers
7)Household income below RM1,500
8)Passionate in Martial Arts
9) Able to commit 21 months for academy enrolment
10)Healthy and no critical illness

Impact Parameters

1) Number of participants/signup to join the academy
2) Number of jobs created
3) Number of customer who make payment to learn Muaythai and Income generated by our specific group of people – the At-risk youth and underprivileged (Our Graduates)
4) Number of the organisation adopting our service to learn Muaythai for healthy lifestyle & self defense
5) Number of jobs paired with a partner organisations.

Project Endorsement


Dragon Muaythai Gym is out to set the highest standards in the sports of Muaythai. Being the only official gym of Persatuan Muaythai Malaysia (PMM), Dragon Muaythai together with PMM are currently the strongest driving force being the development of the sports of Muaythai in Malaysia. With a build‐up area of 1.5 acres with both outdoor & indoor experience.
Dragon Muaythai is the biggest gym in Malaysia and can also provide accommodation for fighters, trainers and Muaythai enthusiasts from other countries who come to Malaysia to train. With six International and four National ranked fighters, Dragon Muaythai currently holds the highest number of professional fighters with title belts, most noticeably, Faizal “Golden Elbow” Ramli who is national sports icon in Malaysia and represented Malaysia at the famous Muaythai reality TV show, “The Contender Asia’.

How do they contribute: Accommodation and Trainer

2) Youth Trust Foundation (myHarapan)
Since our establishment in August 2010, the Youth Trust Foundation, an independent Not-For-Profit based in Malaysia also known as myHarapan, is dedicated towards empowering young Malaysians by supporting youth projects and initiatives that contribute to current nation-building efforts. We achieve this by providing various platforms and opportunities that help them scale, sustain, expand and multiply their impact.

However, the age of these youths sometimes skews the judgment of certain quarters of the public and even themselves! The fate of our country lies in their very able hands, therefore it is essential that we inspire this section of society to look beyond their perceived limitations and be well-rounded individuals.

How do they contribute: Business Mentors and Seed Funding for Batch 1 2015

3) Persatuan Muaythai Malaysia

How do they contribute: Training & Certification

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 73,945.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
 Transport For Actvities50321600
Venue Rental100022000
Trainer’s Fee2000816000
Training Material300123600
Recruitment Tour15001015000
Miscellaneous 15 % of Rm 64,300964519645
Total cost73945


Recruitment Tour – July to September 2018, need to get schools approval and appointment.
Interview Session – Mid September, need marketing fund to blast on social media.

Academy – October to November need to get all partners on board and funding operation 80%.

Graduation – Need full funding to organise the ceremony.

Certification – From Persatuan Muaythai Malaysia & International Federation Of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA), World Muaythai Council, FIT Malaysia

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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