Giving a New Hope: Supporting the Orphanages/Underpriviledged

Focus Area

Poverty Alleviation

Short Description

Orphanages are always in need of assistance and this project aims to provide support to orphanages in as many ways as possible, such as providing them with stationary, pens, pencils as well as food stuffs such as milo, coffee, bread and canned food. The project will also provide them with educational materials and buy clothes for them. The project aims to target at least 9 orphanages in Selangor such as Shelter Home for Children and Rumah Kanak-Kanak Impian. The contributions will go towards orphans and the underprivileged and provide them with a better and brighter chance in life.

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The Project

Project Owner

Bryan Tan




In Malaysia an estimated 50000 children live in orphanages, although the exact number is difficult to establish. Irregardless, these children deserves the best that society can provide to them. Living in orphanages takes a mental and physical toll on these young children as most grow up without knowing who their parents are and why they’re not given the same opportunities in society. A lack of funding to many orphanages in Selangor and Malaysia as a whole often leads to slower physical and cognitive development as they occasionally face malnourishment and insufficient access to life’s opportunities. Funding issues also prevent orphans from accessing their educational needs, which hampers their educational growth. We hope that with sufficient funding, we can assist and support as many organisations as possible.


We work closely together with every orphanage to understand what are their needs and then to channel the appropriate funding towards buying and sourcing for the needed products for them. Each and every orphanage may have variations in what they require from the public, for example orphanage A may have sufficient food, but insufficient books and stationary, and vice versa if orphanage B has insufficient food but sufficient books and stationary. We will raise the required amount of funds to buy the items required by each and every orphanage and ease their burden as much as possible. With a large pool of funds, we hope to be able to use economies of scale to obtain goods at lower prices and distribute to more orphanages/organisations who needs them. We are also serve as a communication bridge between organisations who needs assistance and the public as not all orphanages are able to successfully communicate and spread awareness of the materials that they require. Hence we are here to listen to their needs and utilise the funding that we have to fulfil their requirements.

Target Beneficiary

This project will impact at least 9 orphanages in Selangor and with hopes to secure further funding in the future to continue assisting and supporting orphanages in other states as we gather support from well wishes.
A list of orphanages which we will support and contribute to are as follows, with more to follow as our funding grows.
– Shelter Home for Children
– Shepherd’s Centre Foundation Semenyih
– Shepherd’s Centre Foundation Bukit Beruntung
– Rumah Kanak-Kanak Impian
– Persatuan Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR)
– Agathians Shelter
– Rumah Keluarga Kami
– Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House of Love)
– Good Samaritan Home

We chose to begin our project with organisations located in Selangor as it’s where we’re living in, and it reduces our logistical issues. Besides, there are many orphanages in Selangor that needs support and assistance. In the future we will look towards assisting orphanages in other states as well.

Impact Parameters

We measure the size of the impact by the number of orphanages we have assisted, as well as to hear firsthand from the shelter homes that we have played a positive impact with the children in their care. All the funding received will be channeled to buy items for the orphanages.

Project Endorsement


This project is supported by individuals and well wishes who believe in the cause of supporting the underprivileged and are willing to volunteer their time and effort to travel to numerous orphanages and shelter homes. These individuals will help with logistics and transportation.
We are also supported by Joshua Lu, Founder of Tycoon Print which is an educational company who provides educational materials at affordable prices. In the span of just two years, he has assisted students from Malaysia and Singapore to do well in studies by giving them access to materials at prices they can afford.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 62,960

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
Food: Oats 10.904004,360
Hand Sanitizers18.951001,895
Food: Tinned Sardines4.155002,075
Food: Nestum 4.506002,700 
Food: Milo Tin30.9040012,360
Stationary Set22.504009,000
Floor Cleaner 8.501501,275
Bar Soap3.50200700
Reading materials302507,500
Bathroom cleaner 8.80100880
Canned Tuna5.105002550
Total costRM62,960


9-11 July will be the date of delivery for the project. We will go to the orphanages and provide them with the support and assistance required and thus are hopeful to achieve our funding goals by then.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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