Lighting Up An Off-Grid Vulnerable Indigenous Orang Asli Semai Village in Kg Janggap, Off Kuala Lipis, Pahang

Focus Area

Rural Development

Short Description

To light up an off-grid vulnerable Orang Asli Semai Kg Janggap village who still live in darkness daily after sunset with sustainable renewable micro-hydro energy solution for a healthier & better living environment for these beneficiary Orang Asli kids, adults and elders.

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The Project

Project Owner

Yeo Eng Khean




This off-grid vulnerable Orang Asli Semai community has been living in poverty and darkness after sunset for generations as they do NOT have access to clean water, electricity, healthcare, school, roads, bridges, etc., … NO access to basic amenities that Malaysians take for granted!
They live in abject poverty in thatched bamboo-shelters and survive on gathering food and hunting in their surrrounding depleting jungles.

Most of the children are malnourished and the elders in poor health. The children do not attend school as there is no road access and the nearest school is 3-4 hours walking-distances away in dirt jungle-tracks.


We propose to light up the off-grid Orang Alsi village with sustainable renewable micro-hydro electricity and train the villagers to be able to maintain the micro-hydro generator thereafter themselves.
Our mission is to empower and train the Orang Asli villagers to be self-reliant and independent in undertaking small community development projects themselves as we have already successfully lighted up their neighboring Orang Asli village Kg Rangan next door.

Target Beneficiary

45 x Orang Asli Semai Families in Kg Janggap, off Kuala Lipis, Pahang.
There are a dozen odd Orang Asli villages in this vast neglected interior area and we would like to reach out to all of them with small community development projects, starting with basic lighting, as rural-electrification is a pivotal catalyst for social-economic development.

This is our 2nd rural-electrification project in the area.

Impact Parameters

A 10kW micro-hydro generator, power-house, intake-waterpipes, transmission & distribution cabling-grid network & indoor-wiring will be constructed.

45 x Orang Asli Households & Community-Center will be lighted up
Children having sustainable electricity-lighting 24×7 to play, draw, read, write & study
Adults having more lighted hours to weave & carve more crafts, tools, etc., for use & sales to earn hard-earned cash to buy rice, salt, cooking-oil, food, etc.
Lighted up environment for more family-bonding & community-socializing after dark
Healthier living-environment as LED light-bulbs replace smoky hazardous log-fires, kerosene-lamps, torch-lights, etc., for lighting after dark

Hopefully, observable positive changes in mindset, thinking, attitudes, interests & behaviours of the Beneficiaries towards …
Reading, writing, drawing, learning & schooling among children
Reading, writing, drawing & learning among adults
Learning & adopting more hygienic living habits & lifestyle
Earning more cash-income to buy more food on the table for the family from increased handicrafts production for sale

Our primary objectives are Sustainability, Social-Inclusion, Engaging & Empowering Vulnerable Indigenous Communities in a Caring Nation.

We are here NOT to change the Orang Asli lifestyle, culture, beliefs, etc., but to assist them with basic amenities for a better living environment, quality of life and hopefully, a better future

Project Endorsement


“I support Yeo Eng Khean from Lightup Borneo for their projects to light up rural villages.”

Abdul Razak Manaf
Metrix Research Sdn Bhd

“Thomas Philip, one of the largest litigation only law firms in Malayisa, has partnered with Yeo and Lightup Borneo to deliver electricity to 3 off-grid indigenous villages. In 1 week, we will also be delivering the 4th village in the district of Ranau Sabah. With this, we have brought light to 100 households.”

Mathew Thomas Philip
Founder of Thomas Philip

“I support and endorse Yeo and Lightup Borneo’s rural-electrification projects because all men are born equal and entitled to the same enjoyment of the resources provided by Mother Nature.”

Ng Geok Chee
President, Women Section
KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

“Light for All, All for Light”

Ong Boon Keong
Founder / Coordinator
Lightup Borneo PLT

“I support Yeo Eng Khean’s crowdfunding applications for the Light Up projects in Malaysia.”

Jayanath Appudurai
Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia

“Yeo has been resourcefully partnering Lightup Borneo as the on-ground partner that has been working tirelessly with and for the indigenous communities in the interior of Borneo and Peninsula Malaysia that are off-grid and in need of electricity. The solution sought are always based on the principles of self-help as well as sustainability, recognising the natural terrains and engineering creative application. Communities given hydro-electricity are encouraged to run workshops to help light up the community. Truly worthy initiatives to support!”

CY Pan
Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia

“I have been working with Yeo and his team in Lightup Borneo since 2013. Their passion and determination in bringing affordable electricity to rural communities are truly amazing and inspirational. I strongly support Yeo and Lightup Borneo’s upcoming rural-electrification projects where their successful implementations will immensely benefit the surrounding rural indigenous communities.”

Dr Che Han Seng
Senior Lecturer, University Malaya
UM Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Center

“I support Yeo’s initiatives to LightUp underserved communities who are off-grid.”

Alan Seah Peng Chye
Rohde & Schwarz Malaysia Sdn Bhd

“I have personally been involved with Yeo and Lightup Borneo in one of their micro-hydro rural-electrification projects for the indigenous Orang Asli in Peninsula Malaysia and they successfully implemented and delivered the project well.”

Mohamed Shah Redza Hussein
Director Special Projects, Malaysia
Earth And Sea Observation System
(EASOS Malaysia Sdn Bhd)

“I wholeheartedly support Yeo and Lightup Borneo’s micro-hydro rural-electrification projects!”

Sanjiv Indran
Engineers without Borders Malaysia

“Yeo has been championing and uplifting the lives of Orang Asli and Orang Asal through his community projects.”

Zaim Mohzani
Nation Building School, Malaysia

“Yeo and his team in Lightup Borneo have always been very dedicated bringing light to the rural areas. Their vast experience in this field does not only limit to technicality of installing lights in rural areas, but also in effective rapport building with the locals to work together.”

Lim Si Hao
Social Impact Innovation

“They need it, we will provide it!”

Pastor Alvin Tan Ooi Seng
Yayasan Sunbeams Home

“After having gone on several eye-opening trips with Yeo,Ong BK,and volunteers of Lightup Borneo and seeing the things they have done for the off-grid rural communities, with confidence I am endorsing the genuine intentions of Yeo and Lightup Borneo in bringing light to the rural indigenous communities in Malaysia.”

Ng Kwan Chi b. Asok

“I fully endorse and support the efforts of Yeo and Lightup Borneo in providing the underprivileged and undeserved vulnerable indigenous communities in Malaysia with basic need of electricity supply for lighting purposes.”

Matthew Ting Ming Hua

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75,000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
 Intake Water-Pipes Network12,525112,525
Generator, Power-House & Intake Civil Works8,58118,581
Transmission & Distribution Mini-Grid Cabling, LED Bulbs & Electrical Accesssories13,740113,740
Project-Build Delivery-Logistics, Tools, Meals, Food-Pack Gifts, Incidental Expenses & Price-Hikes Provisions 18,454118,454 
Project Recce & Build-Trips, 4WD Trucks & Drivers Hires, Travel & Accomodation Expenses11,700111,700
Project Delivery Partner – Micro-Hydro Project Designs & Project Management10,000110,000
Total cost75,000



– Build a 10KW Micro-Hydro To Light Up 45 x Orang Asli Semai Houses & Community Center by SEPTEMBER 2018
– 13-Day June 18-30 2018 Crowdfunding Campaign via ACTYVATE CROWDFUNDING Platform with 2:1 Matching-Grant
– Project Delivery Partner (PDP) is NGO LIGHTUP BORNEO PLT (LUB), a micro-hydro renewable energy solution-provider

Tasks & Person JUNE 2018 JULY 2018 AUG 2018 SEPT 2018
Item Activities / Party 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

1 Orang Asli Semai Villagers’ Request for Electricity DONE LUB & Yeo
a > Meetings with Tok Batin, Elders & Villagers DONE LUB & Yeo
b > 3 x Recce Trips on Site-Inspections, Surveys DONE LUB & Yeo
& Water-Measurements

2 Micro-Hydro Solution Design & Specifications DONE LUB

3 Micro-Hydro Solution Costings & Suppliers-Sourcing DONE LUB & Yeo

4 ACTVATE Crowdfunding Application & Campaigns Yeo + ACTYVATE Yeo+ACTYVATE

5 ACTVATE Crowdfunding Funds Payments Releases Yeo + ACTYVATE 50% 30% 20%

6 Project-Build Volunteers Recruiting LUB & Yeo LUB & Yeo

7 Project-Build Turbine & Equipment Fabricating LUB & Yeo LUB & Yeo

8 Project-Build Equipment & Materials Procurement LUB & Yeo LUB & Yeo

9 Project-Build 4WD-Trucks Logistics Procurement Yeo Yeo

10 Project-Build Accomodation & Catering Procurement Yeo Yeo

11 Project-Build Water-Pipes, Cables & Materials Delivery LUB & Yeo LUB & Yeo

12 Project-Build Trip & Micro-Hydro Commissioning LUB & Yeo LUB & Yeo

13 Project-Build Reviews, Assessments & Reports LUB & Yeo LUB & Yeo

14 Project-Timeline is subject to variations & changes, project-funding availability & payments-releases,
equipment & manpower resources availability, weather, logistics & road-conditions accessibility,
planting, harvesting & rainy seasons, etc.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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