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Without a strong foundation of literacy skills, children are more likely to struggle throughout their education, live in poverty and see their potential hampered by lack of resources. The purpose of this program is to provide enrichment classes for the low income beneficiary for them to improve their reading and writing skills. Many of those from low income family is left behind in their studies at school due to lack of opportunity of guidance from parents to do homework and they have are not financially well to do to pay for tuition.

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The Project

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Ili Sarah Binti Suhadi




The problems faced by those low income children and teenagers.
1) Lack of encouragements from family and some family is challenged with social issues which is one of the obstacle to attend school.
2) Unable to focus on their studies as there are not encouraged, being sidelined to those is efficient in reading and writing, causing them to loose interest.
3) Lack of educational resources, minimal exposure to age-appropriate books, insufficiently reading materials.
4) Low self esteem causing them to loose interest in education.


Program Cerdik will provide the space for the children to come after school or on the weekends to the centre to join the programs at the centre.
1) Intervention program on literacy, 2 hours class, twice a week on literacy.
2) Exposed them to public speaking, arts and drama to boost their self confidence.
3) English programs to encourage them to learn English other than their local dialect and Bahasa Malaysia.
4) Skills training other than the scheduled literacy class.

Target Beneficiary

The community chosen is
1) Urban poor children (primary and secondary) around Kota Bharu regardless of race or religion.
2) Children from JKM homes and orphanages.
3) Young adults who would like to improve their English and communication skills.
The above community is chosen base on the demand of the children wanting to improve themselves but had no opportunity to go forward due to financial issues and lack of support either from their families or lack of infrastructure.

Impact Parameters

By having this program we will be able to guide and provide literacy program for the children to improve their reading and writing skills and we are targeting 3 months for each batch of students to be able to to improved in their reading and writing. This will be the first centre in Kota Bharu that will provide free literacy class which will cover both Bahasa and English.
Giving hope and encouragement to the children will result in them improving themselves at schools. Education is vital and important to every one and this program aims to reduced illiteracy within the society.

Project Endorsement


We will seek guidance from Persatuan Kebajikan Projek Iqra’ that has been conducting Kelas Rakyat Jom Baca program since 2013. We will adapt the syallabus from Jom Baca program and create our own module for other programs.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75,000.00

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
Workbook and module (240 students)1800.001221,600.00
Full time teacher’s salary (2 teachers)2400.001228,800.00
Part-time coordinators800.00129,600.00
 Space Rental for class600.00127,200.00 
Library setup (books and racks)7800.0017,800.00
Total cost75,000.00


We plan to start this program in August 2018 for the first 30 students we select base on their family background, income, and interest to learn. This will help them in their year end exam in October. The impact and results will reflect at the last term exam. While during the school holiday we will concentrate on those sitting for UPSR, PT3 and SPM for 2019 to select students that require special help on their studies while selecting other students for the literacy program for the following batch.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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  • Good projects! Please let me know if you need volunteer for this project while I’m still in Kelantan. I missed kelas baca at PPR Sri Cempaka so much!