RAMBOpreneur Workshop – “Making Money through Simple, Street Business”

Focus Area

Poverty Alleviation

Short Description

RAMBOpreneur Workshop is design to empower the aspiring needy individual with the basic entrepreneurial skill to initiate a low-cost street business to earn income and indirectly increase the quality of life.

The participants will be empowered with the know-how on business identification, product sourcing from local wholesaler, soft-skill improvement, simple on-ground marketing strategy and business expansion.

This hands-on and practical program allows the participant to earn immediate income through the selling of simple items (umbrella, disposable rain coat, party lights, toys, etc.) on the street, tourist spot & during events, then later expend it into a proper business.

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The Project

Project Owner

Ahmad Saifulzaman Bin Mahadi


Kuala Lumpur


The cost of in Malaysia is increasing year on year. The university students from the B40 lower income family have been struggling just to survive.

The PTPN loan received can hardly keep up with the student daily expenses. Especially the university students in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, reliance only on the PTPN loan and minimal financial support provided by their family can be a huge struggle.

This can contribute negatively to their health and academic performance due to lack of money for food as well as having financial stress to fulfil the other daily needs.


The solution offered by the RAMBOpreneur for the needy university student provides them the knowledge and opportunity to gain extra income to cover their much-needed daily expenses by doing simple street business part-time.

Their studies will not be affected as they are able to manage their time according to their own schedule, allowing them to still excel in their studies.

By doing the street business 3-4 weekends per month, they can earn the decent additional income of RM300 to RM1500 per month.

This program empowers them with entrepreneurial skills and soft-skills much needed in building their career or business venture in the future.

It is also lucrative enough to become a full-time business upon their graduation indirectly help to reduce the graduate’s unemployment.

Target Beneficiary

Those targeted to take part in ROMBOpreneur Workshop are needy university students from UNIKL, KPTM, UM, UKM, UPM, UiTM and IIUM who aspire to learn how to be entrepreneur and gain extra income through the low-cost, simple street business.

Impact Parameters

The size of the impact is to be measured based on :

1. The income raise by the participants

2. The ability of the participant to be the mentor to guide others to be the RAMBOpreneur.

We aim to conduct 7 workshops with 10 participants each workshop allowing the participants to share the gained knowledge with their friends.

This approach hope to benefit not just the attendees of the workshop, but also spill over to their circle of friends.

Project Endorsement


The RAMBOpreneur founder and speaker, Mr Ahamd Saifulzaman is an all-rounder, an extraordinary think-tanker and an effective strategist with strong leadership and managerial skills. With over 10 years of successful experience in positions of increasing responsibilities and duties, he had been a team leader with track record of consistently meeting and exceeding departmental goals and management expectations.

Positively climbed the career leader from the bottom up enriched him with the on-the-ground experiences, enabling him to possess 360 view to strategize and execute the best option to achieve the given goals.

He is adept at establishing and re-organizing operations, directing start-up project, and recruiting, training & inspiring the team. Plus point, a tri-lingual (English, Malay & Mandarin) communicator with excellent motivation, presentation, rapport building and communication skills.

Being an avid entrepreneur himself, he enjoys sharing his entrepreneurship experiences, helping and empowering others to be an entrepreneur and start businesses within their own mean.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
 Module Development10000110000
Branding & Marketing400014000
Training Materials 200012000
 Speaker/Coach220014 30800 
Mentor 18001411200
Mentor 2600148400
Total cost75000


Early June : Ideation, strategic planning and identifying potential teammates.

Mid June : Project validation and approval.

End June : Digital marketing campaign for the Crowd Funding.

June – July : Syllabus and content development.

July : 50% funding disbursement. Social media shout out and universities/on-ground engagement

Aug : Participant recruitment. Venue identification. Progress report. Balance 30% disbursement.

Sept – Nov : Workshop roll-out.

Nov : Final report. Balance 20% disbursement.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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