Registry Week for Data on Homelessness

Focus Area

Poverty Alleviation

Short Description

This project aims to collect data about the homeless in details, including their background and demography details. A Registry Week will be organised, with volunteers from participating NGOs to approach and gathering data from the homeless in KL.

These data will allow us to understand the demography of the homeless population, know their reasons of homelessness, give us ideas on what programs to offer them and track the progress of getting them out of homelessness. We do not currently have detailed data on the homeless and this is a pilot project that can be turned into a long term strategy.

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Voting end : 30.06.2018

The Project

Project Owner

Lee Jia Ping


Kuala Lumpur


The homeless population in Kuala Lumpur is diverse and the reason they become homeless is many. Government agencies, NGOs and volunteer groups has been actively helping the homeless community with daily needs and also job opportunities. The effectiveness of these programs are often not tracked effectively. This is because data for the homeless population is scarce and fragmented. Most organisations have partial data and no collective database has ever been established that can give us a clear picture of the demography and cause of homelessness and also how programs implemented effect the number of homeless people in total.

We desperately need good data in order to have a complete picture of the movement of the homeless population (inflow and outflow) to properly design intervention programs, track progress and look at their effectiveness. These data is need by govenrment agencies, NGOs and anyone working to alleviate the homeless problem.


We aim to run a pilot project called “Registry Week” which is a large scale data gathering project on the homeless in KL. We will engage volunteers with participating NGOs to interview and collect data of the homeless including their background, reason for homelessness, working experience, etc for one whole week. This will give us the most comprehensive data available yet on the homeless population in KL. We enlisted the help of a US organisation, Community Solutons to guide us on how to implement Registry Week as they initially designed this program and implemented it it in multiple locations in the US. This is a one week exercise, implemented daily, after around midnight to 3am in order to get good data of people who sleep on the streets. With an estimated 100 volunteers, we work with major NGOs in KL and will analyse this data in order to get a proper picture of the homeless population in KL. The registry week is planned on early September 2018.

Target Beneficiary

The homeless population in KL, NGOs, government agencies and any parties which will benefit from the data analysis in order to design better programs to reduce and eventually stop homelessness.

Impact Parameters

No of volunteers involved.

No of homeless people interviewed.

Project Endorsement


NGOs involved: Volunteers Unite, Teddy Mobile Clinic, Street Feeders of KL, Misi Jumaat, The Gagaks, Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 60000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
 Consultation fee to Community Solutions30000130000
Volunteer allowance501005000
Volunteer Training Workshops (venue, logistics, meals)200024000
App development for data collection500015000
 Data analysis and data management system (creation and maintenance)10000110000 
Result data presentation meeting100011000
Logictics and expenses of particiapting NGOs100055000
Total cost60000


Consultation meetings with Community Solutions Volunteer trainings Data management system template

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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